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"Tha Carter" (2004)

Walk In lyrics - Lil Wayne

[Lil Wayne talking]
Yea yea yea its the Carter motherfucker I came back around
its the Carter motherfucker I came back around
its the Carter motherfucker
let me show you my building man, its the Carter
I'ma show y'all the ins the outs the ups the down, kno what I'm talkin bout
this is me fourth solo album baby, I came back around
by myself this time, back off the wall
guns up in the air in the middle of the streets like blak blak blak, welcome

[Verse 1]
This is the Carter y'all welcome, hard as Malcolm
Dawg is a vulcan Lord help him but y'all felt him
That make you a part of me and pardony
If a part of me is what you wanna be what you oughtta be
Dont worry Carter me I just actin accordingly
I give orders to the commander in chief, just the commander in me
Handlin streets in the mandarin V
I hear you haters slanderin me I just hand him the P
Any drama I pace it like Indiana, I take your grandma pacemaker and jus handle the piece
Not two fingers I simultaneously bout two bangers
You do not want angus USDA prime beef, ya dead meat
I'm so ahead of these trendy rappers speed up
I'm already hot when another one startin to heat up
Got Mannie hot wit me cuz I always beat his beat up
Yall cats wit y'all feet up startin to look like feet up, I'm G'd up
On the V'd up, in the truck I gotta put my seat up
In the trunk I got my bass and I ain't speakin bout no speakers
Whats leakin up out of yo speaker is the speech of Weezy F. Baby
No more no less Baby, so forth and so on
Front door livin room young nigga switchin we
What you need, get you crack get you weed
Make yo way to the back look ahead and see
White bitch in the bathroom givin head for speed
But don't you turn your head at me, the president been doin it
Daddy tried to ruin it
But I built this building from the ruts
I own all the corners and the cuts in this motherfucker
And the feds know just whats up in this motherfucker
Made niggaz so they cant bust in this motherfucker
So with that lets keep it movin, on to the kitchen where my witches keep it brewin
Uh huh look at how my bitches do it
Bucky buck naked look at all my bitches booties
They handle all my pharmaceutics
I got it from promethazane to metamucil
I'm crucial don't mean to spook you
But this is New Orleans so my queens do voodoo, ya know
So the things just move through
I feel ya pain I got things to soothe you
That fills the cane so wayne the nuetral
Dont hate the game hate the institution
That fills the cane so wayne the nuetral
Dot hate the game hate the institution, fucka

[Lil Wayne talking]
I came back around, it's the Carter
show you the rest of the house later, we gon go upstairs, ya kno
Ya kno what this is right
Tha Carter..tha Carter...tha Carter

Go DJ lyrics - Lil Wayne (feat. Mannie Fresh)

[Mannie Fresh talking]
Yea, yea, yea
Grown ups in between, children and babies
Right about now its yo boy, ya heard, back again
DJ Mannie
Fre Fresh Err Fresh
Fre Fresh Err Fresh
Fre Fresh Err Fresh
Fre Fresh Err Fresh

Go DJ, that's my DJ
Go DJ, that's my DJ
Go DJ, that's my DJ
Go DJ, yea
Wit Weezy We, step up to the mic dude do watcha do, ya heard

[Lil Wayne talking]
Ladies and gentlemen, what you have here is brought to you
Courtesy of the young man young Carter and the great man Mannie Fresh
So what I want yall out there to do for me is say this

Say go DJ, cuz that's my DJ
Say go DJ, cuz that's my DJ
Say go DJ, cuz that's my DJ
Say go DJ, cuz that's my cuz that's my

[Lil Wayne]
Murder one on one, the hottest nigga under the sun
I come from under the tummy, busting a tommy
Or come from under your garments, yo chest and your arm hit
Pow, one to the head now you know he dead
Now you know I play it, like a pro in the game
Naw better yet a veteran a hall of fame
I got that medicine, I'm better than all the names
Ay its Cash Money Records man a lawless gang
Put some water on the track, Fresh for all his flame
Wear a helmet when you bang it man and guard yo brain
Cuz the flow is spasmatic what they call insane
That aint even a muthafuckin aim I get dough boy
And you already know that pimping
18 how I'm living young'n show that Bentley
Stunna my Pa so you know that's in me
Gotti my mentor so don't go there wit me

[Repeat X2]

[Lil Wayne]
And I move like the Coupe thru traffic
Rush hour GT Bent' roof is absent
Ya bitch present wit the music blasting
And she keep asking how it shoot if its plastic
I tell her you see if ya boy run up, she sat back and cut the Carter back
up, oh fa sho
Ay Big Mike they betta step they authority up
Before they step to a sergeant's son, I got army guns
You niggas never harming young, fly wizzy my opponents done, I'm done talking
And I ain't just begun, I been running my city like Diddy ya chump
I fly by ya in a foreign whip, on the throttle wit a model bony bitch
Pair of phony tits, her hair is long and shit, to her thong and shit
Well here we go so hold on to this, uh lets go

[Lil Wayne talking]
Hold on let me hit the blunt
So go, so go
This is the, this is the, this is the
This is the, this is the, this is the
This is the Carter

[Hook X1]

[Lil Wayne]
Birdman put them niggas in a trash can
Leave em outside of your door I'm your trash man
I'm steady lighting another hash and riding in my jag
You will need a gas mask man
You snakes, stop hiding in the grass
Sooner or later I'll cut it knock the blades in yo ass
You homo niggas getting Aids in the ass
While the homie here tryna get paid in advance
I'm staying on my grizzy I'ma bonafide hustler
Play me or play wit me then I'm going find your mother
Niggas wanna eat cuz they ain't ate nothing
But niggas wanna leave when you say you out of mustard
So I'ma walk into the restaurant alone, leaving out
Leaving behind just residue and bones
In your residents with Rugers to your dome
Like where the fuck you holding the coke, holding your throat, choke

This, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this
This is the Carter

[Hook X1]


This Is The Carter lyrics - Lil Wayne (feat. Mannie Fresh)

[Lil Wayne talking]
Ok I'm finally perfect, ya know
Yall already know what it is and if you don't
Then the great Mannie Fresh will enlighten you

[Hook: Mannie Fresh]
Ladies and gentlemen, pimps and playas
Half ass rappers and true rhyme sayers
This is the Carter, so hold onto your teenage daughter
Because this is the Carter, a lot more rich and a whole lot smarter
Wayne in ya brain young Carter
Wayne in ya brain young Carter

[Lil Wayne]
Who am I, young wizzle fa shizzle
Flow sicker than a third floor in hospitals
My charm starburst, my watch skittles
I'm hot sizzle, what up hot bizzle
Holla at a playa, I'm sorta like BD
Yall can't stop my dribble, or block the lay-ups
Soft top the Coupe, mami pop her too
Don't chase the feelin baby girl let it come to you
Remove the ceiling on the girl now she comfortable
I'ma world class G mami fuck wit dude
I got Lazy-Boy bank that's comfort low
I'ma offense coordinator run the shoe
You watch your grill what you ought to do
Fore' your ribs get barbecued
And my ribs is showin I say I'm starving dude
This, this, this, this, this is the Carter dude
What up Reel, c'mon


[Lil Wayne]
I'm the Birdman Birdman Jr. bitch
I be high in the sky shit on you and yo bitch
I be flyer than your guy nigga lose the prick
Now if ya follow everything just grab a wing
And we could sssssshhhhhhhh
All the way down to the mall and bet I buy it all
Young Mar' picture the broad lick
All the way down to the balls then she wipe it off
If getting money is wrong I ain't right at all
I young money a car I just write it off
I'm the boss of my own shit, I'm my own click
I would say fuck ya but go and get ya own dick
Get ya game up boy hustle harder
This, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this
Get ya game up boy hustle harder
This, this, this, this, this, this is the Carter, yea


[Lil Wayne]
And yall better blame Baby
Cuz he the muthufucka that made me, and I'm crazy
And yall ask why I never left the navy
Cuz he the muthufucka that pay me, is you crazy
Young, young, young wizzle baby
Give you yo issue, me don't wanna kiss you
No, no, no me no want no bullshit
So, so stop baller blockin cuz a nigga hood rich
And I floss everyday because I could bitch
So holla at ya boy cuz I'm still on some hood shit
Like, like, like whats really good wit ya mom or your lil boy
And your sister lookin good shit, shit
I'm still Apple Eagle weasel
1-7 Hollygrove never ever ever leave you
I got yall waitin on my sequel
This, this, this, this, this, this is the Carter people

[Hook Repeat X2]

[Lil Wayne talking until the end]

BM J.R. lyrics - Lil Wayne

[Baby Talking]
Yea shorty, you know what I'm talking bout'
I peep these niggaz out here they slipping like they ain't bout
money no more man, so what fuck
You know what we gon' do ha?
We gon' do what we been doing nigga
We gon' load up, get a lot mo' and a lot mo' and say fuck em'
Keep fucking hoes
Loading up on mo' bitches
Then you know what I'm saying, we gon' get greedy too nigga
I ain't never gettin' full, I'm full blooded with this grind
[Lil Wayne] I GOT IT

[Verse 1 - Lil Wayne]
Murder capital, only key to survive is kill
If the elements don't murder you the riders will fo real
And niggas know I goes hard to the fullest
Get involved and I got' em' playing dodge ball with bullets
I got the sawed off, fully in the sean john hoody
Get fucked ya play pussy
We hit em' up when they ain't looking and them body shots hurt
And the head shots took him
And if the read dot spot him then the hollow head got him
Knock his top to his bottom jack
You see me grind to the bottom just to make it to the bottom
At the very bottom of the map
Lou-easy-ana piranhas everywhere you at
You gotta weigh an extra condom and an extra gat
You bitch could get it for acting like a man
Them niggaz in Pakistan ain't packin' like ya man
I back his hand ya man on command
In front of niggaz he cool with the boys on fam
I'm on, I am just in different climates, ducking the animal keep on running wit
my primates
You ain't did it till you done it like in 5 states,
Weezy hustle no blubber I put on weight
And in a drought I go on I diet and stretch more
Loose all that weight, leave a nigga with stretch marks
You don't even come up to a nigga chest paw, supa,
what the fuck they play it in the club for ?
Real shit I'm ducking bombs from a drug war,
no religion but the cops swear that I'm a drug lord
Father forgive em' for they no not who they pushing lord
Father forgive me if I have to send them to ya lord
I'm just trying to dodge the shots they send to the god
They riding up highway to heaven boulevard
Damn, them niggaz pussy and jive, not even in an eye exam they ain't looking for "I"
The A and the K will make ya face cook to the side
Now when you smiling everybody gotta look from the side
Cause when you wilding you ain't looking, you just looking high
and when we hungry you look like pie
Sweet potato ass nigga, you lemon merangue, apple custard, cherry jelly
Don't make me get the biscuit buster
What up gizzle you my distant brother
Real shit nigga same father different mother, yep
I skip the fronting and sticks to keeping it trill
You not know me for nothing other than people you feel, I'm deeper for real
I'm deeper than skills, my speeches can kill
Rest in peace

[Baby talking]
Yeah, you underdig, shorty its all about one thing nigga,
If you bout money nigga come fuck with us,
if you ain't bout money get the fuck from round us nigga
And whatever you bout we bout it, however you wanna get it we can give it to ya
Order bitch, ya underdig
Put ya prints in nigga
Put ya feet down and ya nuts on the concrete and lets roll

[Verse 2 - Lil Wayne]
Ay, ay
You sleep in a field for trying the dude
I bust ya head until the meat turns ya mind to food
Foot for thought, think I ain't lying to you
I lie his body in grease set fire to him
I tie his body in sheets, put the tires to him
Make him feel the escalade, put his feet in the blade
I'm near heating and blaze a nigga keep they ways when I'm in the streets with blades
Watch, my nigga hungry, he'll eat the plate
And if I ask, the homeboy will eat'cha face
And though he got me, you can ask, I'm like a pool table
I keep the eight
My side pocket sideways when I pop it leave a nigga sideways for five days
Birdman talk to em'

[Baby talking]
Yeah nigga, I tell em', I tell em' again shorty
If it ain't about money get all the fuck from round us

[Verse 3 - Lil Wayne]
Ay, ay,
Check my swag, I travel like sound dog
You play hard in the gravel like ground dog
I'm underground call me groundhog
Lay down lawgs call me ground law
Don't confuse me with the law, naw but just confuse me with my paw
Because I am the Birdman J-R
I ain't tripping nigga, I play the corner like ripkin nigga
With the 40 cal ripkin nigga, rip a nigga
Flip ya vehicle, split ya windshield
Wack ya Baby momma but I let the kid live
And people say that I am a kid still, cause the lil nigga still rides on big wheels
You feeling animal then come on and get killed
And sig pill bandannas like banana's
Say I'm slight bananas I blow a weekend in Havana
In my cabana with my bottom bitch from savanna
Man a train couldn't stop ya man
I man up and you not a man
I stand up, say I got my land
I'm the man of my land
Call it lil-weezy-ana
Thats the new plan

[Baby talking]
Yeah nigga, you bout some money get at me nigga
Thats the only way
Dumb shit we bout that get at me
Nigga roll solo, dolo nigga

I Miss My Dawgs lyrics - Lil Wayne (feat. Reel)

[Lil Wayne talking]
This is the Carter motherfucker, yea
And in my building I must keep it real

[Lil Wayne]
And man I miss the times, we would shine, you would keep on your side
You would teach me how to ride and you would teach me how to pry
Then we get on the line and go over our lines
We were in the same position and that's when you change position, shit
I never change and I miss ya, and its strange but I never forget ya
i know that ain't you in them pictures homie
And I know that ain't you wit that dissing on me
That's why I never replied and never will just let em live phony
If ya ever died I swear to God I got yo kids homie
Whats mine is their I gotta give homie, and yea
We still a army in this bitch homie
Yea Cash Money still the shit homie, shit homie
Whats really real is you feeling me nigga
That Hot Boy shit still in me nigga, word the giggity nigga
And I ain't got time to speak the history
I miss you and I know you missing
Gizzle but

[Hook: Reel (Lil Wayne) Repeat X2]
Man I miss my dawgs (yeah)
Many nights club poppin (yeah)
Many nights we were blowing trees (yeah)
Many nights we were hustling (yeah)
Man I miss my dawgs (yeah)
Me and you through thick and thin (yeah)
Me and you through the very end (yeah)
For only you I'll sin again (yeah)

[Lil Wayne]
And I remember when you came to the click
I had already made my name in the click, but you got famous and shit
I got my solja rag and dangled my shit
I was down to just to hang wit you shit
And I banged to the boogie bang bang wit yo click
And I ain't even from the 3(3rd Ward), my hood was angry at me, shit
But I rose to my feet, played the post wit the heat
At them shows while you performed and posed
I was waiting for a nigga to jump, see I was patient but was ready to dump
Cause you my brother chump
Real Gs never buckle up
But every family ain't filled wit gangsters that's real
And that's real and I would never turn my back or turn ya down
Even if you turned around motherfucker
But history is history
I miss you and I know you missing me
Juve but

[Repeat X2]

[Lil Wayne]
You was my nigga, my nerve, my joy, my herb
My main motherfucking man Turk
My other, my partner, I was teacher, he was father
I skilled, he schooled, we chilled, we moved
We thug, we hung, we ate, we slept
We lived, we died, I stayed, you left
Remember how we played to the left
And we stayed out of trouble cause we stayed to our self
Member Slim and B leaving, hand the keys over
Tell me not to go Uptown and we went straight to the Nolia
While I watched you reunite wit yo soljas
And yo mom and brothers, while I lied to the stunner
Yea those were the times my brother
Now I recognize real and I honor my brother
Yea nigga Semaj my brother, the Sqad's my brother
The nigga you left behind is my brothers

[Repeat X2]

We Don't lyrics - Lil Wayne (feat. Baby)

[Baby - talking]
Ay shawty, you know what I'm sayin'
Some niggaz palms be sweatin'
Some niggaz palms be itchy
It don't matter, a nigga just gotta get it
You know what I'm sayin', nigga
We built this shit from the ground up
Nigga, The Carter, nigga
You what I'm sayin'
We been around the world gettin' money nigga
We been to every ghetto, every neighborhood
Every project, nigga
We worldwide hustlas, nigga (Belie' that bitch)
You what I'm sayin'
Lets get them niggaz, lets ride shawty

Indictments, got us conspiracy for murders
Five young niggaz uptown servants
Word, they bird curvin' for servin'
Look, the worstest of the worst is shootin' out like they jaws curvin'
Bitch, and we was raised in these war times
Jail also made men in these hard times
And don't cry I'ma get mines so pray for me
I'm on the block on the grind, mama pray for me
So nigga respect my G, respect my grind
Nigga respect how I eat, respect my mind
Nigga respect this heat
When these niggaz out of line, nigga we dress up and creep
Whoa, shawty I'ma blow they whole block
Fuckin' with a soldier, mastermind is on plot
Third ward survivor, uptown madness
Killin' is a hobby, jackin' is a habbit, bitch

We don't give a fizzuck my nigga we young and bizzuck
We'll fuck a nigga's shit up if nigga is fuckin' with us
And then pump 'em make 'em lift up, hit 'em up and be out
And we out for cash motherfuckin' money baby
C'mon, we don't give a fizzuck my nigga we young and bizzuck
We'll fuck a nigga's shit up if nigga is fuckin' with us
And then pump 'em make 'em lift up, hit 'em up and be out
And we out for cash motherfuckin' money baby, c'mon

[Lil Wayne]
The murder man, picture me lurkin'
Right up behind ya curtains nine's squirtin'
And you could hear it when it's hurtin'
But if I hear him hurtin' I'll walk over and merk him for certain
I took over the circus
'Cause I'ma act a clown if you put your feet down on my surface
I walk around, fo' pound and surface
To spin ya ass around in circles, you urkle
Blood run up out ya earth now you purple
Your homeboy get it first, but you worst so
Now you headed to the skies above
And I'm go and get high with ya bitch in the club
Yeah, life's a bitch and death's a husband
And you gonna have to meet up if you keep on fuckin' up
And you gonna have to meet us if you keep on fuckin' up
But you don't want see them CMB blood knuckle up

We don't give a fizzuck my nigga we young and bizzuck
We'll fuck a nigga's shit up if nigga is fuckin' with us
And then pump 'em make 'em lift up, hit 'em up and be out
And we out for cash motherfuckin' money baby
C'mon, we don't give a fizzuck my nigga we young and bizzuck
We'll fuck a nigga's shit up if nigga is fuckin' with us
And then pump 'em make 'em lift up, hit 'em up and be out
And we out for cash motherfuckin' money baby, c'mon

[Lil Wayne]
Shoot him in his head so he remember
Because of that mama I'll be gone 'till Novemeber
I be back next winter in a hummer on spinners
Them niggaz on the block say them boys gon' get 'em
But them niggaz on the block don't know the toys who with 'em
Tell ya boy come and get me if I go he goin' with me
I'm hoping y'all feel me, I told y'all what the dealy
Ya open up ya face I'ma open up the semi
I open up ya kidneys now ya floatin' up the Missi-
Ssippi, river nigga play with deep water now ya swimmin'
Silly, you play with me, Carter, now ya missin'
Really, I shoot ya in ya head and make you feel it
And even though I be the man with the milli's
When the shit go down I be the man with the milli's
Beef cranberry on the ceilin'
This is the Carter, bitch welcome to my buildin' c'mon

We don't give a fizzuck my nigga we young and bizzuck
We'll fuck a nigga's shit up if nigga is fuckin' with us
And then pump 'em make 'em lift up, hit 'em up and be out
And we out for cash motherfuckin' money baby
C'mon, we don't give a fizzuck my nigga we young and bizzuck
We'll fuck a nigga's shit up if nigga is fuckin' with us
And then pump 'em make 'em lift up, hit 'em up and be out
And we out for cash motherfuckin' money baby, c'mon

[Lil Wayne - talking]
Wish a nigga would say something, gotta
Standin right chea guns up boy
Weezy F, Birdman
Holla back

On My Own lyrics - Lil Wayne

[lil wayne]
Eagle, eagle carter man
In a 96 regal contraband
On my way to the east to the laundromat
Got to wash dat money and get on my ass
Flip them bricks it be gone so fast
I got to do something i done blown my last
Dolla holla at ya boy i be on da ave
In dat g pricko is what i am known to have
If shit tend to be slow i put on a mask
Make it halloween and take all ya bags
I say Holly Hollygrove won't you go on and stab and
Make these muthafuckas understand
Look coach you pitching at me under hand
But i am a designated hitter i adjust so fast
Ya men designing women i am a one woman's man
Cash money prince blow the trumpet man
They say they want the drugs to stop but i am a major step back when my album drop
I got dat wet crack flow out ya mammi's pot i got dat i got dat jet black four at ya mammi's spot
I am trying to get dat dough i demand it now
You panic now , you betta panic down
For the neighbors be over here tearing it down
This is weezy f baby i am crowned the prince
[hook - repeat 2X]
This is my town, my home, this is my crown, my thrown, this is me on my own ,lets get it on

[lil wayne]
And the hand gun is so included don't get it confused i want no confusion and keep ya hoe i
Don't want your contusions
I make my hoes stop and let the dough keep moving
A bitch over some money is a hungry nuisance
Its money over bitches that i am going to keep provin'
Its weezy f i got ya momma cruisin' out of all the hot boyz she say i am the coolest
I brought my bag of oranges dis time to juice it
It game is a bitch and i am trying to seduce
I floss a awful lot and haters on trying to reduce it
Put the laser on the 45 is iron you stupid
On shot just to remind you nigga you dat fly lil nigga dats behind da trigger
I am all chronic combined with liquor
You will never see me like momma tigger
An eighty's baby a fighting nigga , nigga i got it on my mind like a psychic nigga
I am something you call pepper like a viking snake,see me over the viking stove i am lighting
Or in the middle of the shoot out i am tighting clips
Pop another one shoot back while lighting spliffs, are you catching my drift repersenting with
My section on my belly and shit i am the prince
[hook - repeat 2X]
This is my town, my home, this is my crown, my thrown, this is me on my own ,lets get it on
[lil wayne]
So roll the carpet out cause you are fucking with a nigga from the royal south
See you are either in or you are out and you out stay in because them warriors are out, because
Those vultures, cops, and those lawyers are out
So i just open up the gate and let my holliers out
No nigga i neva call your house i am probably some where taking Toya out
Not answer my phone man ignoring ya spose
She leaving messages about me enjoying her mouth
Hey i am ready to knock a boy in the mouth
Give me the name naw better yet point him out
Ai me and the streets got a joint accountiam from the streets dat you need to be warned about
New Orleans woadie put the gat in your mouth
And if we feed you with alot of iron it will flatten you out
A few roaches but never had no rats in this house, never telling one another leave dat in the
I always been a small hustler moving my packing out
If i ever run into some trouble send my savages out
These niggas talking sweet i will get dem cavaties out
I got graveyard flyers man i am passing them out
Hey bitch nigga get ya ass on the ground and bow down to ya majesty now i am the prince
[hook - repeat 2X]
This is my town, my home, this is my crown, my thrown, this is me on my own, lets get it on

Tha Heat lyrics - Lil Wayne

[Lil Wayne talking]
Fuck with me, you know what it is

[Hook 2x]
I shoot your arm, leg, leg, arm, head
The heater burner bruisa is on my hip this year
I shoot your arm, leg, leg, arm, head
I wish a motherfucker would trip this year

[Verse One]
Dressed in all black and my gun the same color
Murder my enemy love thy brotha
And I ain't never gave a shit about a motherfucker
Hit him up and watch the guts come up out a younga stomach
You niggaz better take side with young money, Cash Money
You'll get left in your ride crash dummy
I'll be around when the times get ugly
When the wheels fall off and the tires stop running
The magazine empty and the nine stop busting
I bang my fist till my palms get bloody
Cuz I'm a monsta man
I'm gonna find you in my AP nine on jam
I'm a rider you can't take it out of me man
I be wilding, you can wait by my house for me fam
I will fire and drop a hater rite where he stands
I'm gonna die with this blazer rite in these hands

[Hook 2x]
I shoot your arm, leg, leg, arm, head
The heater burner bruisa is on my hip this year
I shoot your arm, leg, leg, arm, head
I wish a motherfucker would trip this year

[Verse 2]
Twenty-two's, thirty-eight's, forty-four's, forty-five's
Tucked in my thirty-eight, mack on my back I am
So ready for whateva that awaits me
Run up in your place wile you're sleepin await the
Calicoes, ak's, Uzi-machines
Got ya misplacin your arms and losin your knees
I am takin names, so who wanna leave
Out this bitch with your brains and your dew on your sleeve?
I got the hood with the names of the crew on they t's
And I might make a funeral sweep, I ain't bullshitin
AR hit ya truck got ya hood flippin
Feet by the engine, head by the transmission
And I be right where I am mista
Me and my damn pistol
Me and my girlfriend
In this world alone, so bring it on
And umma have to sing you this song nigga

[Hook 2x]
I shoot your arm, leg, leg, arm, head
The heater burner bruisa is on my hip this year
I shoot your arm, leg, leg, arm, head
I wish a motherfucker would trip this year

[Verse 3]
I got the scope on the tool I can see what you do
With a little red dot nigga peek-a-boo
Shhh the silence will speak to you
Hit you from across the street wile you tying ya shoe
Like Bang! Bang! say breathe nigga breath I stand ova the body with the boy in his tee
Say Bang! Bang! say breathe deep breath I stand ova the body with the boy in his chest...Clear!
Now the boy is a mess and the block in fear cuz ya boy up and left
Life is short enjoy what eva's left
Before you run into a nigga like me and meet death
In less than three seconds I'll pull a three-eighty
Three feet from my waist
Three inches from your faces
Make no mistake Weezy neva hesitate
I'll pop till your shit separate like eewww!

[Hook 2x]
I shoot your arm, leg, leg, arm, head
The heater burner bruisa is on my hip this year
I shoot your arm, leg, leg, arm, head
I wish a motherfucker would trip this year

Cash Money Millionaires lyrics - Lil Wayne

[Lil Wayne]
Keep pimpin [4x]

[Lil Wayne]
Keep pimpin keep pimpin keep pimpin keep pimpin

[Verse 1]
I got a bitch in the back i got a hoe in the front
One cookin the crack one rollin the blunt
I'm getin pussy and ass from my beautiful broad
If you lookin for that holla at ya boy
I'm a ma ma mack mack
A pi pi pimp
I spi spi spi spit out shrimp
I pull out clean
I get out limp
I walk like li li li limp
I talk like bitch get get chi chi chi
The best player on my team when i ball women cheer
And they love the way i come out with the gear
This jacket theese shoes don't come out this year
So if you love your girl don't let her come out this year
Cuz if you leave her out there then she comin out here
And that ain't fair and i don't care
I'm a motherfuckin cash money millionaire

[Chorus 2x]
Who you think you fuckin wit
Who you think you fuckin wit
Who you think you fuckin wit
Who you think you fuckin wit
I'm a motherfuckin cash money millionaire

[Verse 2]
I got 25 dollars on my dresser and if i give it to my hoe
She gone bring back more not a minuite go she ain't getin that loot
And if you ain't got no money she ain't getin at you
I like em sexy high yella if you fit thats you
Ooh boo you can come and get in that coop
Take a hit of that fruit get hi wit wayne
Fly wit birdman jr. wave hi to planes
Say bye to lames don't but they game
If he don't score in the first half bench his ass
If you play wit my money i'ma lynch ya ass
Like john lynch and shit don't tempt me bitch
Wipe me down cuz i'm filthy rich
If getin money a crime then i'm guilty bitch
And that ain't fair but i don't care i'm a mothafuckin cash money millionaire

[Chorus 2x]
Who you think you fuckin wit
Who you think you fuckin wit
Who you think you fuckin wit
Who you think you fuckin wit
I'm a motherfuckin cash money millionaire

[Verse 3]
Sitin low in the car sit hi in the truck
Sit in the front of the plane way in the back of the bus
I got ladies for days i got women for months
Leave ya girl at home i made 21
I got that thang on chrome blades 21
I got them thang inside make me empty one
Pull it over to the side by a preety one
Like whats good mama come make the clouds jump over us come fly wit me
My diamonds bling my weed is rap
Call me wheezy the king call me wheezy the crack
If pimpin is dead then i'm bringin it back
Matter of fact it never died so i take that back
If your shoes too small shawty take that back
Cuz you gone walk all day till you make that back
And that ain't fair but i don't care i'm a motherfuckin cash money millionaire

[Chorus 2x]
Who you think you fuckin wit
Who you think you fuckin wit
Who you think you fuckin wit
Who you think you fuckin wit
I'm a motherfuckin cash money millionaire

Whats really good mommy its ya boy w-h-e-e-z-y f baby so hi in the sky i'm so fly watch out for
The power lines ya know get wit me one pimp daddy

Inside lyrics - Lil Wayne

[Lil' Wayne talking]
I came back around, I came back around, I came back around
The Carter muthafucka
Right now we still in the kitchen man
You checkin out them bitches booties right (I know)
Yea, but lets move on man, I got plenty more house to shoe to show you man
Plenty mo Carter to give you
You know, let's go man

Now let me show you upstairs
Got the glass house floor to let me know who up there
Look down and you see your reflection
You ain't gotta know who down here
You just know you protected
Hey man, how I don't know you connected
Here's a little more fiend let me see you inject it
That's right little wode respect this
Understand me or get 'cha mammy a death wish
Part one, part two, part three
All the parts of "Godfather" all a part of me
If you, look to the wall ya' see
A few, gagged up, tied up scared pricks
Got 'em, facin the wall like they was on "Blair Witch" (yea)
I ain't, chasin' at all but it get scary 'bout my chips
And in here is where I keep the bricks
Acknowledge lil' marley in the hallway
He got the clips

[Lil' Wayne talking]
Don't shoot 'em Marley (yea)
This my lil' dude marley man
He hold me down, know what I'm talking 'bout
I'll show you the rest of the house later man
You wait right here, I be back

Bring It Back lyrics - Lil Wayne (feat. Mannie Fresh)

[Mannie Fresh]
Ladies and gentlemen,
People with jobs,
People without jobs,
Middle class,
Upper class,
High class, all that,
Cats, snakes, chickens, ducks,
Elderly people and twerkers

Put your hands on your knees and bend your rump,
Put your back in,
Back out
Do the hump.
Put your hands on your knees
And bend your rump,
Put your back in,
Back out do the hump,

[Lil Wayne]
Well, I'm fly as son of a gun a son
Of a Stunner (yep)
High as a 757 going to heaven (no)
Weezy F the reverend preach about me I'm the god 1-7 apple and E
I'm the Cash Money Makaveli
You all ain't ready, break fast like Tom Petty,
You all just petty
'82 I was born ready,
I'm too ready,
You all Betty Crocker balla blockers, I'm too heavy
Meatball Lamborghini,
Top spaghetti,
Seats Ragu,
Uh 20 inch shoes,
Oh me and you got plenty to do,
I don't need no pool I'm swimming in you,
And I sleep with the sharks,
Shorty on the water water,
And I be ma 840 mama,
Shake something for me,
And it don't make sense if it don't make that money,
I'm gonna take that money,...

[Pre-chorus (Mannie Fresh)]

[Chorus (Lil Wayne):]
I bring it back to the bottom of the map (Ooowee)
I bring it back to the bottom of the map (Ooowee)
I bring it back to the bottom of the map (Ooowee)
I bring it back to the bottom of the

[Lil Wayne]
I take off my brim,
Moment of silence of my homeboy Souljah Slim (yeah)
Fronting round here will get your back dropped off,
We do our own thing
We don't act like you all
I say black white walls with the back wiped off
Ah, you all little busters just a tax write off
I'm a stand up guy, not the type that
We don't breed them kind, but they bleed just fine
Yup, Weezy the one only read between the line,
If you can't, boy, read ma nine,
I'm going hard in the paint like Diesel time,
Either I'm the illest cat doin' it or these cats is losing it
I be Eazy, fall back and be cool with it,
Paul Barrer is moving it,
Dead float I'm through with it
I'm the SHH,
Na, na, I'm sewerage
Weezy F, baby, I do dis here!

[Pre-chorus (Mannie Fresh)]

[Chorus (Lil Wayne)]

[Lil Wayne]
I'm old school gangster,
I act like 80,
I look like Cita but act like Baby
You play with me I'll react like the Navy,
Nah, better yet the ARMY, you all gonna need them for me
And your head is a beepin' target,
You don't want me to see you with my peekin' tourmis,
Wizzle Fizzle, I keep in New Orleans,
Sleeping with women that sleep with the Hornets
Country boy there's something foreign,
about a hundred thousand
More than what your in
You're not about it,
You freeze up like Popsicles,
Pop up on bicycles,
Pop you all like spot pimples (yup) Wizzle Fizzle
Original hot bizzle,
Still Lil' Wanye but the dividends not little,
Yeah, don't be surprised how the chrome feel,
Uhh get down, uhh get down,
Man I'm getting frustrated

[Pre-chorus (Mannie Fresh)]

[Chorus (Lil Wayne)]

[Lil Wayne talking]
Uhh, the best rapper alive,
Since the best rapper retired,
(uhh yeah yeah yeah)
The best rapper alive,
Since the best rapper retired,

Who Wanna lyrics - Lil Wayne

Somebody call the slick police
Capitol W
Weezy Baby
This is the Carter man
Rim low all I can see is the flow now let's go!
Raj ya bangin 'em in the.. Raj I say ya bangin 'em in the..
Raj I say ya bangin 'em in the head wit this one cut!
Weezy Weezy say guard ya face bitch
Weezy say guard ya neck bitch
Weezy Baby this is the Carter

I move it from a eighth to a slab from a slab to a quarter
From a quarter to a half from a half to a hard one
You do the math it's a horror
While I be on the ave gettin off one nineteen for a soft one
Bricks I loft 'em catch him he hot
If I catch you without my scratch I'm stretchin ya out
If you catch me without the burna burn me
I beg of you shoot off the leg of you and kick ya in the ass
I'm dyin of doom I say I'm sick with cash
These eyes are real see straight through ya liquid ass
You see me straight through the glass house picnic wagon
You could see it by my bitch face she thick with ass
Get slick slick I click click blast on ya bitch ass
Squad up shit click or smash on ya bitch ass
Smash on ya bitch ass
Now pick the grass up out ya ass and the caps out ya cap Aye!

[Chorus - 2X]
Who wanna fuck wit me tell 'em I'm waitin for 'em
Who wanna fuck wit me tell 'em I'm waitin for 'em
Who gon fuck wit me I got the blazer for 'em
Who gon fuck wit me do you wanna fuck wit me Naw!

Hustle boy sell a nick to ya mom I'll sell a brick out ya house
I'll sell a brick to a house nigga
I'll send a clip to ya mouth back of the gun to ya nose
Front of the gun to ya clothes I let it rip and I bounce
Lights off young Teddy Pender is out
Mask on scare the fuck out ya but ya ass grown
I wasnt born with no silver spoon
But I can heat it in a spoon and pitch it in a balloon
Tomb sittin in ya room sing for me
But if ya don't gimmie no tune the semi go boom
But if ya dont hear me doe fool the semi go boom
I'm try to make moves but they gimmie no room
I takes my space I blaze the haze take ya babe to space
She gimmie amazing face I sung Amazing Grace
I was once lost but now I'm found
Full of them pounds is how I'm found Aye!

[Chorus - 2X]

Oh! Oh! Bang 'em in da head Whoa!
Oh! Oh! Bang 'em in da face Whoa!
Oh! Oh! Bang 'em in da neck Whoa!
Rim low all I can see is the flow now let's go!

I know how to cook so I buy it soft
I also sell it soft depending the cost
You know thats shells they toss defending they boss
They wipes 'em well across ya dentures like floss
You know I smell ya talk and I swear I knows bullshit and pussy near or far
Ya'll niggaz better gear up for the comin of the boy
From a young'n to a boy to young boy boy
I dump toys boy at ya punk boy toys
Take the pump out the trunk take a chunk out a chump
Baby what have I done I created a monster
Weezy Baby a gangster no wankster
Hell naw I smell ya'll
Didnt know Jam Master well but I rocks wit my shells on
And the block still a hell zone
Get a helmet for you and ya gals dome I suggest! Aye!

[Chorus - 2X]

Bang 'em in da head whoa!
Bang 'em in da face whoa!
Bang 'em in da neck whoa!
Rim low all I can see is the flow now let's go

Bang 'em in da head whoa!
Bang 'em in da face whoa!
Bang 'em in da neck whoa!
Rim low all I can see is ya hoe now let's go

Get Down lyrics - Lil Wayne (feat. Baby)

[Baby and Lil Wayne talking]
What up pop. What up pop.
Fuck what they heard it's what they need to know nigga
(They saying C.A.R.T.E.R. yep!)
Ya feel me. Hey nigga we done built this.
Shit from the ground up now homie
Believe that daddy. It ain't no looking back from here. We too strong

And that's the only way we get down (We get down)
'Cause that's the only way we was taught (We was taught)
And everything we got we bought (We bought)
And real niggaz still shine in the dark (Still shine in the dark, yeah)
And that's the only way we get down (We get down)
And that's the only way we was taught (We was taught)
And everything we got we bought (We bought)
And real niggaz still shine in the dark (Still shine in the dark, fuck a law, oh!)
'Cause that's the only way we get down

I down down a brother we ain't cut from the same cloth you Downy soft
Bullets separate ya body compound a busta
I'ma find ya if ya hiding I'm a bounty hunter
In ya home putting dick all down ya woman
You come home we in the bedroom counting money
I bring her home and I fuck her on a thousand hundreds
Then I shoot the nasty bitch in the mouth for nothing
I say Birdman Birdman what's good today
We ain't never let them niggaz take our food away
And we recognize real and got a rude awakening
And woke up together and our life was better
I'm the Cash Money son I live a life of cheddar
Not a rat though hat low Nike is leather
Lil' maw twist to get my life together
Ya bitch meet me at the bar and we night together Cut!


Throw my weight like Sherman Klump
I gotta hold up my estate like Donald Trump
And I aim kinda straight when it's time to pump
I bring the pump when it's time to pump
Wrapped around my waist like a cumber bun
Don't make a nigga pump (clap clap) you up!
I come in that new thing she threw up
Now yo' bitch ass gotta clean yo' shoe up
I'm rich as fuck and I never blew up
Business mug gotta get my loot up
Bet ya bitch get fucked if I ever met her
Bet ya ditch get dug you ever step up
One by one I push 'em down fat bullet fat head make a pussy sound
Hard head soft ass make a gushy ground I'm straight from a crooked town
Like that bitch!


I give my arms and my legs to the game I'm ahead of the game
I dead any mane if he said any thing but it's cool as long as nigga paid when he came
And I'm a fool wit the flame and the caine
Cut it just a little bit but the drain stay the same yeah
Young Wayne and the pain and the stain still remain
On the chest where the four made a mess yes
I'm still here in the flesh 21 year old legend I'ma live way after my death
I sacrifice whatever that's left
I give ya'll the last of my breath like... [exhales]
Write it down take a picture record a copy
Press pause only way you stop me fucker
I'ma get mine and make you not me
Spit wine at ya face if you watch me Bitch!


And that's the only way we getting down nigga Cash Money CMB man
You already know we here never left fuck 'em
See me if you got a problem boy
I'm at home all day man. It's not a game
Stunna, what's really good with 'em we ain't never let 'em take our food away
Fresh you nasty on this on dawg. Ugh
This one, this is the Carter Beotch!

Snitch lyrics - Lil Wayne

[Hook - repeat 2X]
Don't let your mouth open up
Cuz you don't wanna see the handgun open up, no
Don't let your mouth open out
Cuz you don't wanna see the automatic open out, no

[Verse 1]
Aint no snitches ridin wit us
Ol mo the mouth niggaz could holla the front
Cant no loose slips get on my yacht
I leave player haters at the dock, watch
And your nigga help ya burn the block
As soon as you get hot nigga turn to cop
Ya settin up federal appointments now
Nigga all in court pointing out
Daddy not knowing what he doin his child
We gon mail him his finger when he get out, yea
Just to show him what we's about
Never let shit about G'z leave ya mouth, yea
You inside can't leave ya house
Two donut lovers to police ya house
I sneak past those brothers leak in ya house
And put the heat dead in yo mouth, so shut up

[Hook - repeat 2X]

[Verse 2]
Wizzy nigga been bout me
Stay low so you don't know shit bout me
Make no mistake I'm a veteran at
Me never rat mommy taught me better than that
Get a gat if you ain't got one already
If you do then you ain't got enough get two
And you could never get me nigga get you
And you ain't got to fuck me girl fuck you
I'm rollin wit my goons
And I would never roll on my nigga take that to my tune
aint no girl came out of mom's wound
Real nigga shit muthufucker I'm tuned, and I was taught
If a man talk about another man while that man ain't present
A man don't listen
They throwin brick but they hands is missin
Just watch what you sayin sissy

[Hook - repeat 2X]

[Verse 3]
Aint no telling who spillin the earl
You telling yo boy he tellin his girl
O, Now she telling the world
It ain't no secret I'm hotter than etha
But I don't neither cop shit neither
Either close yo mouth or meet the heater
We the dirty south where cocaine cheaper
You go up north nigga's boost they fee up
This where the real hustlers meet up
Look out anybody can be them people
Yo own people could be them people
No glasses can help you see them people
They around too many evil people
Detectives wanna get even equal
My desert eagle ain't even legal, but sssshhhhhhhh

[Hook - repeat 2X]

Yea nigga watch the people around you watch the people away from you
Leave them niggaz be let them stay from you
These niggaz mouth's is runnin like hot water, I swear to God
Real niggaz takin falls like Niagara
Tryna stay up like Viagra, but it ain't gon happen
These niggaz is best buddies wit the 5-0 team they know the DA by name
It ain't a game it used to be one
Its like these niggaz got them big ducks in they mouth that the gynecologist
Use when yo bitch get a pap-smear
That's pussy anyway

Hoes lyrics - Lil Wayne

Hoes! Lets just talk about Hoes!
Can we talk about Hooooooeeeeesss Hooooooeeeeesss!

[Mannie] "Lets Go"

[Verse 1]
You got to talk like a pimp whats good mommee
you knew betta you threw betta who betta than
that nigga with the crisp. White tee icy white
sneaks jeans to a betta you do betta gettin yo ass
out off up in that coupe bitch. See yo ass on that new
leather and recupe bitch. Its only me you bitch on
our way to the stoop. I'm that birdman junior you ain't
know and don't give me that silly bullshit about you ain't
hoe. I move ya to my city put yo ass in ya 1-0. I have ya
lookin pretty at the half knock at the do. And gucci don't
fit you like it's suppose to be in pictures, I computer love
baby Wayne ya change your image. You need Weezy them other
boys just gimics. Me I'm just game, green and straight physics
is you wit it (Yeah)I ain't even tryin to hit it. I ma get it
once its time to get it. Lets talk about


[Verse 2 (Mannie)]
I got this rat name Shelly dat loves Makaveli
Number 5 combo meals its bad she K-Y jelly. Our
old school shorty still drinkin 40's. Grab the mic
start a fight,fuck up the whole party. Maybe you
should leave, just yo weave thats velcro hell no bitch
go wit Steve. Got this lead singer bitch from a popular
group I would say her name but she bought me a coupe. Got
this poor hoe Shonna swear like Marijuana she dig lil wayne
but she love the big tymers. Got pretty gurl Patrice found out
Im fuckin her niece she tried to stab her so I grab her and we
call the police. Mr. Officer, dat bitch den lost it bra she goin
to jail oh well, I be fuckin her. See two dykes, spanish twins nuts
press on they chin, will we go belly low well nigga that depends


[Verse 3]
I got old school bitches and new school hoes
female basketball players with cornroles and i'on
like short haired girls no not really if I do she got to
look like the old halle berry or the broke toni braxton
or first lil kim but i still take hood rats and work with
them. I put yo ass in a jag and I got jerk ya quick. Give ya ass
a lil game if you smerk you in. I am pimp not a simp like ice in
my drink and I don't think twice or blink cuz Im focus rollin in
the whitest mink like im polar bear yeah let down my hair Get jazzy
on a bitch like Fred Astaire rose gold in her face get'em red as glare
My bentley plum my mercedes pear. I am lookin for a freak momma take me
there Yeah

[Chorus repeat 3x's]

[Weezy Talkin]

Only Way lyrics - Lil Wayne

[Baby talking to Wayne]
Ay Wayne
I know this bullshit that I'm hearing ain't true right
Ya feel me
These niggaz out here picking bullshit over money nigga
But you know what fuck a nigga
We gone keep grinding this shoe box is full

[Chorus: Baby]
The only way we get it only way we know to get it
Off the block, off the clip, off the cain nigga
The only way we live it only way we know to live it
On the grind tote a nine do yo thang nigga
The only way we get it only way we know to get it
Off the block, off the clip, off the cain nigga
The way we live it is the only way we know to live it
On the grind tote a nine do yo thang nigga

[Verse 1]
Well I'm a 17 nigga got that hollygrove in me
It ain't coming to me so I gotta go get it
You ain't fucking with me I got the hottest flow nigga
There ain't nothing to see because I'm not in yo vision
Well I'm gone get fed up one day
Put lead up in the K
Come and hit up where ya stay so
Baby momma betta get up out the way
Cause the bullet got no heart
And the trigger man crazy
Little man if a bigger man jumps through
Then I'm in the hood with the pump in the truck looking
But if you ain't in them cuts or on them benches
Im a park the fucking truck and knock yo door off the henges
Yes weezy baby flow off the henges
So off the tempo no pad or pencil
Well let me go back to what men do
Throwback Benz purple, Throw back 22's Bitch


[Verse 2]
Weezy F. Baby hand cocked
Demand my cheese
Fuck you pay me
And I can't stop
Please, what you crazy?
Man I'm a get it like the man on the chorus
Got my hand on a fortune
Bang at ya porches, Bang at ya window
Kidnapp ya neighbors, torture ya kinfolk
And tell the cops I murder the infoer
Leave him on the precinct steps in a pillow
Niggaz wanna keep they breath then tell 'em get low
I got ten left in the tech so what they here fo
Nigga you ain't scaring nothin weezy been a tiger in the jungle since a cub
With my paws in the mud, yeah me and my paw in the mud
Interior mayback like what, Bitch nigga!
Its the Birdman and Birdman Jr
And he ain't got to his son a shoot ya blah


[Verse 3]
Homeboy you gotta know that avenue
To get off a bag or two or you just passin through
True true, and we just passed the truth
Passin through the streets of the murder capital
Where you think ya own brothers after you
So you ain't got no other brother after you
Dont let the boys in blue capture you
Cause they got pictures of me at it too
Its all fucked up
Bossman weezy get y'all touched up
Gat blacked ya face like ya run into a wall or something
Its cash money all or nothing
Its Lil Wayne the reverand call it Sunday
The congregation know I come with nothing
But leave with everything, I ain't come for nothing
And the choir know I come with money
And y'all know I'm Stunnas youngin like dat bitch


Earthquake lyrics - Lil Wayne

[Lil' Wayne]
(Speak to them Jazze)
(Yea fly guy)
I'm way more fly than you
(That's right)
I'll take your dime from you
(That's right)
Now she wanna spend all night with me
(She wanna wake up with Weezy-F baby)
Let me be the one that you throw it to, baby
(Throw it back ma, throw it back, throw it back, throw it back ma)
I'd like to spend the rest of my night with you
(Yea so how bout you, so how bout you)

[Lil' Wayne]
I'll take your bitch give her back; take your bitch again
That's because you throw a 5 I pitch a 10
Now she wanna get inside of me 66
She sees that my wrist is blue and yellow like Michigan
She say she love her man she misses him
But nobody do it better than her distance dick (me)
I'm her long distance pimp
When I land my bitches want for me on the strip (yup)
And I don't lie I confess, I'm the one who turn that orange vest to a dress
Gotta dress to impess though, Gotta stay clean, plus momma in a Lex 4
She with me, what you expect, I live to be fly to death
It's the bird man jr. sincerely yours
When it rains it pours, when it rain it whores

[Lil' Wayne]
Now why you wanna go do that
I can see through that
Tattoo right there like I view that
Girl what that say, what who that
Bet he was lame, bet he Lil' Wayne (no)
Cus I'm way more flyer
Have you hanging round a bunch of yayo buyers (nop)
And not a day go by us, we don't get high than the telephone wires
Cut your telephone we riding where phones don't roam they don't even come on
You're far from home so leave it alone
You creeping with the king of the throne
You sleeping in a tee and a thong
With your hair in a pony
I ain't got no blinds we can stare at the morning (yup)
But I can't be there all morning
Girl I'm a pimp, I'm going, going, going, gone

[Lil' Wayne]
I'm Sorry I was grooving
Gotta love that laid back Mannie Fresh music
But let's get back to what we were doing
Laid back in that black on Pat Ewing's
That's 33 tires he fire
These streets ain't papaya ma
You gotta keep heat on your side
2 must
So I'm a get 3 more and cop you one
Wait, naw hun cus you ain't exempt
If your ass ever trip I'll give you a clip (yea)
But I love the way your jeans suck in your hip
And you walk kinda mean how you strut with a dip
And you talk kinda clean and you lick your lips
But I can't fall for you cus I stick to the scrip (yup)
I said I stick to my grip; I stick to my money, that's life to me
Sorry honey Jazze

[Lil' Wayne]
So how bout you yea
So how bout you
See what I'm talking bout sweet heart you ain't even gotta have John Madden
you ain't gotta have Dick Vitale, you ain't gotta Lee Carsole
you ain't gotta have Stuart Scott, you ain't gotta have Linda Cohn
know what I'm talking bout, you ain't gotta have the staff of ESPN
you ain't gotta have ABC staff just to talk sports baby cus I got game
Just fuck with the boy and I'll get you a jersey
What you want me to put on the back
Daddy's little girl that's right, see what I'm talking bout
I can't give you the game but I can show the game
and you can see what you see and peek how you peek and see what you get
know what I'm talking bout

Ain't That A Bitch lyrics - Lil Wayne

Hey Hey Hey!

Because the cops is watchin the streets is talkin
Ya hoes is unfaithful ya family ungreatful
Ya niggaz aint loyal you niggaz aint lawyers
And everybody saw you and aint that a bitch!

And this here is the Carter oh! yo! And this here is the Carter yo! oh!
This one here is just to clarify the fact that I'm a muthafuckin mack
This one here is just to verify the fact that I got straps on my back
This one here is just to clarify the fact that the boy is back! Oh!

[Verse One]
Slick as I wanna be born to be hustla gonna be rich till I'm gone
Gonna keep spittin this shit for the hustlaz gonna keep livin this shit I'm gutless
Bet I'm gonna reap this when I'm gone defeat this while I'm here
Gonna keep beatin this street shit in ya ear
Gonna speak in every single street this year
My shit beat in every jeep on every street this year
Wizzle F Baby ya'll niggaz can have the Weezy I'm the Birdman Jr. junior
I'm a man to another man to a bitch I'm a pimp in the whip I'm a hundred grand
And in the streets I'm a money man
And I'm a hunt it with the streets I get money in the streets like a hundred men
A hundred proof in my other hand
If ever fall spring back like a rubberband know what I'm sayin

Because the cops is watchin the streets is talkin
Ya hoes is unfaithful ya family ungreatful
Ya niggaz aint loyal you niggaz aint lawyers
And everybody saw you and aint that a bitch
The cops is watchin streets are talkin
Hoes is unfaithful ya family ungreatful
Ya niggaz aint loyal you niggaz aint lawyers
And everybody saw ya and aint that a bitch

[Verse Two]
Now all the bitches got me strollin wit my dick in my hand
And these niggaz got me rollin with my clip on my hip
But this is my land so prick dont trip cause K's dont jam and a nigga dont miss
They tellin me I'm the shit like a nigga dont piss
But nigga dont slip cause I'll kill a punk bitch Word Up!
And I dont affiliate with niggaz I dont love neither bitches just money and drugs nigga
Leave ya bitches ya money and drugs nigga
Three to ya wisdom five more to ya mug nigga
How many more do ya love nigga
cause I got plenty more to give out I aint never been a mouthpiece
Ask ya reverend bout me I'm the young God
Aim the shotgun at ya frame and bust boy
Brain and guts leak in the drain and such pour
Plain yuk at a fuck boy. Fuck Boy!


[Verse Three]
I'm a muthafuckin man so respect me as one or the tech meet ya ass son
The tech heat ya ass son put ya fuckin chest beneath ya ass son
Blooka blook blap bleep ya ass son (laughin)
Nigga tryin to see his grandson and we
got niggaz in the pen tryin to see me wit a Grammy
Wanna be me and don't even understand me
Could'nt see me even if you was standin with me
I'm that damn convincing not invisible that mans invinsible
And advance a little due to the pine
My niggaz call me little Russell Crowe for my beautiful mind
And I let you do the time I do the crime
When the crowd call my name I bring my crew to the line
Nigga thats S.Q. and we fine nigga thats S.Q. and we firrin Nigga!

[Chorus - 2X]

Ha! Wizzle F Baby fa ya muhfuckin neck nigga
Got Streets in da buildin Gotti in the buildin
KL, Fee Fee in the buildin Rome, DI, Ceeti...

Walk Out lyrics - Lil Wayne

[Verse 1]
And in here is where the heroine boils
And I also got a large pot of cigarette or you, that
Embalmment fluid illiterate are you
That's OK man I got the medicine for you
I got, I got, I got the infediment for you
Got that vitamin D R U G for you shorty
One window to let the dawn in
Cause we hustle in this bitch midnight to morning
We dump in and pump out
I showed you this window for you to jump out
You on the backyard lawn where a nigga got the ganja growing
No cats or dogs, rats or snakes, Sam's or Jakes
Round here its all gravy, ham and steak
Mama cooking that up here have a plate
That's mama Carter she's a basket case
But I make sure her sandwich is a napkins straight
You pic wit this picnic and I'm at your face
I say I'm at your throat, this was the carter slam the door, go

"500 Degreez" (2002)

Look At Me lyrics - Lil Wayne

Bright thing on my hand saying (Look at me)
I got your girl doing a handstand (Look at me)
Cop them 28-inch Birdman's (Check out me)
Y'all dues money to ya
Bright thing on my hand saying (Look at me)
I got your girl doing a handstand (Look at me)
Cop them 28-inch Birdman's (Check out me)
Big thighs with brown-eyes

[Verse 1]
It's Lil Weezy for real
Only Cash Money Hot Boy that stood still
I got a good deal
I'm from a trill hood
I smoke real good
Slide on them skinnies in the bike with an ill hood
Pipes, rally stripes and fog lights
T-shirt white, three stripes with all ice
What that boy name
Birdman junior, huh
Fool was smile but five is so wild
I can smoke a green mile
Got a chrome need a Rolls shined up for you baby
Bling-blow, I rock a throwback Jordan 23
Rolling on hot 23's
Tote a big glock 23
You're looking at the seventeen ward of New Orleans
My block living me
I want you to look hard at some easy money
Stop playing this is Weezy company


[Verse 2]
I'm the son of Cash Money
The fodd of the squad
And Baby bout to buy me a house in the sky
Cuz I'm so fly
When my feet touch the ground sometimes I gotta ask myself why
Coupe kinda wide but I move sorta quick
Looking for my roof where it went
Mink on the floor big shoes on the bed
Windows are the tint more wood than a bench
Working in the hood more green than the Grinch
Please don't play cuz I'm connected like Sprint
Ladies on the tray popping up the back-end
Peppermint leather with a feather in my brim
It's Lil Weezy
Sucking on my wrist real breezy
And this is what I say when you see me
Look, and leave your broad at home she get took
Cuz I'm a player hold the game by the book


[Verse 3]
Some call me Weezy
But hoes holla look at Lil Wayne
In that booger-green lay like should've been Mace
Sweet, do speak when I should've put trays
Forget it I'ma slam it on bubba-bubba-blaze
So move over what you say shortie
We could do rent pussy
Normally I wouldn't but beating through the Texas
And beating went to the A
Eat with desert fey
But yeah I'm on my way
Cuz I know he got that hay
Hey little mami
You a ghetto fire tin
You come to my post on the island
Come on that chronic
He-he empty vodka bottles
I be high he be drunk that my roll model
I rolls by you with my seat reclining
When I stop rims don't keep spinning they keep shining
Money don't stop keep spinning and keep grinding
Cash Money what you hollering, huh


Gangstas and Pimps lyrics - Lil Wayne (feat. Baby)

[Mannie Fresh]
Ladies and gentlemen
This one goes out to that little kid that got fried Spam for lunch
I feel for you, I'm with you, I'm with you brother
And this one right here is for that ghetto girl with the bad perm
That just burn baby, burn baby, burn
Pop open a malt liquor
Smoke something until your scalp gets killed

[Hook x2]
Gangstas and pimps
Love lobsters and shrimps
Kool-Aid and chicken
Flashy things and women
All I need
Is Remy and weed
Somebody not afraid
To go some for my Escalade

[Lil Wayne]
I'm just pimping
Baby you got a rule for me
Put your mink on and slide in a cool for me
Hey you gotta get high and go low for me
It's Cash Money young money never know money
It's 500 Degreez it's not fool
But it and the dro got me so scummy
And to drum hole a whole hundred
Can I put a whole hundred in your whole tummy
Hehe, man Weezy's a legend
You can tell by the bottom of my sleeve when you see what's in a bezel
And he be on a level that's so terrific
I'm in this bitch hold your pictures
And hold your bitches cuz she gon want a part of me
Cuz she never see the roof of my car with me
And you never see a tooth without a diamond on it
This is game at its finest homie
Peep it


See I was born from a gangsta
Pa gave me a whip
Ran numbers with pimps and I laid down cents
One of a kind Birdman I shine
22's on it?
The bitch ain't mine
I taught her the game ma
I gave it all to her
Weezy Wee my son I give it all to him
[Lil Wayne]
The Birdman junior I'm the son of a stunna

Mannie Fresh
Jazze Phezzy this our summer
500 Degreez got rich off the four
Cadillac slant back cut side elbow
Cadillac smoke dro just me and the ho
Flash from hard times from that coke and dope
Put cars in moms name just to duck white folks
We eat lobster and shrimp
Nigga park that Lambo
I'm a V.I.P. nigga
Pop bottles of Mo
I pray that one day I'll open a better door


[Lil Wayne]
Ain't no mountain high enough
To me for cuz I keep on buying fi-fi stuff
And the Eastside where we pump
It's my part of New Orleans
Bleed for ya I'm the heart of New Orleans
Hear you're fucking with a gangsta foe
Hope you never close your eyes I'll bang your ho
All she need is some guidance I'll tame your ho
It's big pimping over here man yeah man
If she looking for a daddy see the lil man
Weezy baby, don't fool yourself you need me baby
Easy baby, I'm just trying to keep my bread cheesy baby
Slick when I spit shit right
26-inch got a deep-dish ma
Sweet as mami lips when I'm creeping by
Baby gave me wings just to keep me fly
Weezy I, hell yeah
And I'm rolling with them

[Hook x2]

Lovely lyrics - Lil Wayne

[Verse 1]
I love myself
I love what I am
I love who I is
I love Weezy
Lil girl your man your damn kids love Weezy
You gotta love the nigga just because other nigga
And I don't love other niggaz
But I love other niggaz bitches
I love 20-inches on everything I sit in
I love my nappy hair
I love the shit I wear
You gotta love the squad-ad girl
If she ain't giving love to the whole squad-ad
Get outta here
You people love the shit I pop in your ear
You gon love the shit I do to hip-hop this year
You gonna love when I bring it back to the block this year
I represent the Biggie and 'Pac era; you gotta love me
That I know ma love me just cuz I got a lot of money
But I love that girl too, but I love that girl too
I let y'all know me and I would love to know you
Now come on

[Hook x2]
Everything that I love in this world
Has gotta be the greatest thing in this world if I love it
Cuz, I love this, I love that, I love y'all because
Everything in this world is just love

[Verse 2]
I know you probably love the bar, right
You love to live that big dog life
You love to live just like a young'n Weezy by here
And I love to see you do so
I love my Coupe blow on them deuce-o's
I love a cute ho and you probably love her all right, girl
He probably love you all your life I love you all night, girl
I love an all white pearls
Six with the two pipes barrel kit
I love to get it cracking in your girl lips
I love to sip from bill
I love to go hard purp-pill
You love that I'm a star and got that work still
Don't get it fucked because I love to work still
And you won't love how the hurt feel
How getting mirked feel
And I love how getting hurt feel
I know you love I got some of it on your shirt ee-yew
I need to treat you
As a matter fact I love to cheat you
Don't call me cool
Hey, you love me and I love to love you

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
I love fast cars
I love fast broads
I love fast money
I love Cash Money
I love a slow cigar
I love a slow ménage
What you love blower hard
Let's get it cracking money
I love to stack my money
You will love to jack my money
I love to clap-clap and black-black get back here honey
I love act a plumb-ass when I had a tall glass
And that bust your ass in one gulp
I love to shit talk
You love to hear me talking shit on this
When Fresh dropping that nasty shit
That old uptown get down CMB classic shit
I like to ride around with a plastic fifth
I love to melt ya
I love them underground S-Q albums
Haters love to get you twisted
But I love the haters cuz haters just love twisted
Them bitches love Weezy
My bitch gon love me when I'm busy
With T-Rez fleece suit is Jayo nothing busy
Squad up

[Hook x4]

Gangsta Shit lyrics - Lil Wayne (feat. Petey Pablo)

[Lil Wayne talking]
Uh-oh, uh-oh
You know how we do it
Weezy and Petey, baby
This here is 500 Degreez
Holla at 'em dogg

[Petey Pablo]
Cuz I know I ain't dreaming
I swear to God it sound like Petey Pablo on that track with Lil Weezy
Switching it up
Fuck it put them things on the truck
What's the name of y'all jeweler tell 'em freeze me up
Hating me kinky licks talking so much
Lemme give these sons of bitches a reason to keep it talking
You want to
You ain't built to squabble with us
I come to your show with heat homes and run on your bus
I drink your water up
Cool off I'm leaving with something
They leaving you something crop stolen
An asshole heard it
Hip on purpose
Dre I did what you told me
I been acting like I don't hear ya but that shit been working
Keep me a burner
Poison that I grab in the morning
Cuz I know that that's what's gon hold me down on this earth
A real nigga trill nigga pull out and get debated
I keep waiting
I hear your name in the papers

[Hook][Lil Wayne & Petey Pablo]
They call me young as Weezy
I'm gon round up the whole uptown
We gon burn this bitch down to the ground
People understand that you're fucking with some motherfucking soldiers
Crazy-ass Petey
I'ma tell a nigga just like this
If you want it boy you sure can get it
You ain't heard
It's Cash Money and that Carolina nigga

[Lil Wayne]
They call me gangsta gangsta
Weezy, Weezy
Lil Birdman junior
Holla at ya nigga
I fuck around and throw a bottle at you nigga
I'ma big pimp I throw a model at you nigga
Squad-ad squad up throw up the motto at you niggaz
You can mind up I throw a hollow at you nigga
And I'm so high
No I'm too high
But a little work on a few blocks
And I put a few skirts on a few blocks
If you dirt you feel the burst from my fuse box
Oh lordy there nobody like me shortie
I hold Cash Money myself it's me money
Old cats wants to test come see shortie
I got it all hot it in the pocket I'll pop it
I riding in a 'Rarri where the top is in my pocket
That's young Weezy baby


[Lil Wayne]
You see it's young Wayne
Game is ashamed and they say he's a pain
He is crazy deranged
Put them blades on his thing
Just like 80 to summer
So, when the sun hit it look like Baby or something
So, when I come through the ladies praise me or something
Like, Weezy's the man
If you be's where he be's then you leaves with a tan
Cuz he's 500 Degreez
I need a fan, whew
Cool me off wipe me down
Daddy is back in town
With the back of my Caddy slanted down
And the mack goes +black+ if you ask around
Put some hash in that grass that you pass around
Then I stash a pound by my ave with rounds
I'm a gangsta until they put my casket down
You can ask around
And they tell you like me
There ain't nobody like me
It's Weezy baby


[Lil Wayne talking]
Aiiyo see this is right here is Young Weezy nigga
Don't get it tangled and twisted
I'm in the studio right now nigga
With my boy
My nigga Boo in this bitch
My nigga hot boy album ya'know what I mean
500 Degreez
They all riding with ya boy
They gotta feel me
Birdman junior, number one stunna my partner
You know the name, bitch

Bloodline lyrics - Lil Wayne

[Verse 1]
The streets make the hustlas
Hustlas make the world go round
The world is made of keys, ounces and pounds
The keys, ounces and pounds is made from hustlas
See how shit come back round for ya
Gotta cop it, chop it and cook it
See how shit come back round for ya
Gotta kick in the oven now watch it bubble
And you can knock on my door
But you can't knock the hustle
But I- it's like a game of twenty-one and I got nineteen
And my Jake but I put more 'd' on me
Lil Weezy Wee gon eat that's how it is
Got insurance on the floor man I'm that positive
And I'm shaggy in the saggy lens
Me an my squad in the paddy wagon tally Benz
And you know I put the mags on that
.45 mack with the flash on that
Who want it
Everybody sing along

[Hook x2]
Now I'ma ride cuz I got riding in my bloodline
And I'ma shine cuz I got shining in my bloodline
I get that dough cuz I got hustle in my bloodline
I bleed concrete

[Verse 2]
And when I move, I move out with the raw
I move out with the squad
To his album we ride we so mob
I throw lives and lowest to live
For my loaf of bread the people's player
I did what the culture said
And I live by the coast of Nostre Cid
Fuck around I'll knock your shoulder from your head
Get it right I'm a soldier till I'm dead
This kid is white with buttonholes inside that bled
I'm pumping o's with lots of hay
I'm so high and really I don't even know why
And oh I just go buy a whole house
And lay my mat down lay her back down
But I never put my mack down
You see the thug in me
You know Weezy he the young son of Bubba-B
Buy my basketball shorts with a thunder B
If you want it then come to me
I'm right here

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
I'm G'd up
Only follow the code of the streets
Live bad to die good
Know how to move when hustling by the days with no food
But just so I can eat
And ain't it a bitch
And if you see me getting fat I'm probably getting rich
And you probably can see me for some crack before six
And after that it's all bricks
A fake and my palm is wrapped around this eight
And my arm because the dirty south is straight Vietnam
I skate with the bomb
I'm asking you don't play with me at all
Shots hit your ass and make three of y'all
It'll take three of y'all to fill one of my shoeprints
Cuz I did and do shit that's better than new shit
Fit for two clips
The kid is a nuisance
Awww man, he's inspired by his own gangsta music
And the Blueprint
Cruising through stoop with the ewe lit
like ooh shit this is more than weed, it's 500 Degreez

[Hook x2]

Where You At lyrics - Lil Wayne

All my niggaz if you with me
Where you at? (OH!)
All my soldiers if you with me
Where you at? (OH!)
All my hustlaz if you with me
Where you at? (OH!)
Where you at? (OH!)
Where you at? Say (OH!)
Niggaz if you with me
Let me hear you say (OH!)
Soldiers if you with me
Let me hear you say (OH!)
Hustlaz if you with me
Let me hear you say (OH!)
Say, say (OH!)
Say, say (OH!)

Aye (OH!)
I come and do my thang and hold down my SIDE
Single Street man throw my set up HIGH
Weezy Wee gang call them boys that SQUAD
And WE get a lot of dough on the strength of ME
Get a lot of 'dro for the strength of FEE
Get a lot of blow
But keep that on the D
D what?...DL! YOU KNOW
And OH you don't wanna fuck with a nigga
'Cuz a nigga might fuck with the trigger
Leave a nigga on the FLO'
Truly I don't buck with you nigga
Let my tooly talk talk to you nigga
Bitch man is an itch to a rich man WHOA
'20s on the six with the kicks sitting LOW
Sticky in my swish man gasoline FLO'
Fire spit man Weezy is about to BLOW


Aye (OH!)
Pass the pine to the pimp old juice killer
Catch your eye in one glimpse old school with the
Ass up high the front dip drip BAM
Mami like DAMN Lil' Wayne STOP PLAYING
Baby I'm a baller I hustle with my father
It's the Birdman and Birdman J.R.
Flip them birds man eighteen grand just order
Eighty-five for half and forty-five for quarter
YEAH! Tity baby put it in the AIR
I'm jumping out this atmoSPHERE
And I'm jumping in your bitch if she at a PLAYER
Jumping in the painted thing on that Dang-A-Dangs
You see the arm when I pass nigga Bling-A-Ling
You now I'm armed we can mash man it Aint-A-Thing
You know I'm calm but I'm a gorilla Aint-A-Game
I got a banana clip for all you Orang-A-Tangs


Aye (OH!)
It's young Weezy cant nothing see me DOG
I get you done easy with one easy phone call
And the sawed off make your arms fall off
Like a short sleeved polo...wont bother me no more
Ice like strobe light...look like I'm moving slo mo'
Probaly look nice on low pro Yokahomas
With '20 inch chromes poking out 'em
Chrissy till the dome tote the ganja
Redbone in the shower
Hello! Pochahontas give a long stroke poke for hours
Floating vagina oh I'ma holla
So coke and the nanies I'm honest man
Nothing big maybe ounces, grams
But I know how to double...and sometimes it's scams
But I know to hustle...and some glocks'll jam
But I know how to bust'em...and some drops'll slam
All alloy buttons that's all stunting
That boy's something YEAH


Worry Me lyrics - Lil Wayne

You gotta walk like a (soldier)
Talk like a (stunna)
Move like a (player)
And get it like a (hustler)
You gotta walk like a (soldier)
Talk like a (stunna)
Move like a (player)
And get it like a (hustler)
Because I won't let y'all worry me
I got something chrome that I carry with me
It's Young Weezy Wee y'all ain't scaring me
I'm the seventeen don till they bury me

[Verse 1]
Eh, it go whoa oh me oh my ay ay
I'm H-O-T-B-O-Y ay ay
I'm so fly I'm the Birdman Jaya
Stunting in the gray uh
Shortie play your player
Slick clean hey ya
Fifteen riding with me spray ya
You don't want no drama with me play fa
Keep low or it's murda she wrote pussy nigga
I gotta keep it cooking cuz the streets still hot for a shooking
Plus my late pops still looking
Bust my tray quick if ya hate the pimp
Think it's all big fish I don ate the shrimp
Roll out with the hood cuz I'm so damn street
I rep Hollygrove and Hollygrove rep me
And that's how Weezy Wee be
And y'all gon R-E-S-P-E-C-T me


[Verse 2]
I'm riding and I'm dolo on my way to the stizzo
Knowing on my waist is the sizzo
Wheezy so hot glock ten and a pistol
Big rims with the tires thin as a pencil
Mami want me cuz I got pimping potential
I stick to my mental
Don't make me stick my fifth to your temple
Forget I'm getting rich for a cent
Bitch I'm coming get you for my baby mama's rent I will flip you
90 on the highway seeing what the whip do
Cops get behind me they want see the whip too
S-Q professor C-M-B alumni
Everybody else fails except the young guy
Don't worry bout Weezy for real nigga I done mine
Got the biggest nuts up in here nigga I swung mine
The streets taught me never to fear nigga I run mine
I can't lose cuz I won mine
Now run yourself


[Verse 3]
I got five drinks with me
And there be four chunks of dro up in my lung pipe
Three guns
Two bitches
And all I need is one knife
And I bet you don't like
C'mon we only get one life
And if it's done right
Freak a nigga might wife her
You know S-Q galore low chop three striper
I'm just trying to keep paper
Please, don't be a hater cuz he'll take ya Weeze
Don't be a major cuz he greater
Cheese gon feed Nate
Brother it's keys or emceeing
And I'm a C-O-A cuz I can move yay
Like you never thought hard or soft like a duck
And y'all don't starve me
That shit could be bad for your heartbeat
Cash'll get you snatched in a heartbeat
Mash in a mad dash in a Cadillac with the alligator dashboard
Damn whore
Yeah I know


500 Degreez lyrics - Lil Wayne

[Lil Wayne talking]
It's the real shit, yeah
500 Degreez this time biotch
Yes sir, you already know

[Lil Wayne verse 1]
You see me? I eat, sleep, shit, and talk snaps; so fuck rap
Man I got weed, pills, pistols, all crack
Bitch niggas where ya hearts at?
Ya'll ain't stuntin' like us
Bitch niggas where ya cars at?
They like, "Wayne why the fuck you dressed in all black?"
I'm about to bring CMR back
And all the lames, we done lost that
And all we got is Weezy, Weezy, and Lil' Weezy to fall back
I'm about to lock it from the summer to the fall and back
"Its Weezy baby!" The ballers back
And the wheels on my car you got all of that
Stop playing, I've been balling jack
You don't want my glock spraying – I hit all them cats
You don't want my stomach ache - I shit on them cats
I get all them gats – Fresh and B it's all a rap!
If I'm the only Hot Boy what do you call that?

You don't want to fuck with Weezy
You don't want to fuck with Weezy

[Lil Wayne]
Bitch what? I'll bust ya ass up
Don't even go there round
Niggas get your cash up
We probably need to clash up
And shit got me 'bout ass up
They finding niggas in they shit with they ass up
It ain't October 31st but we gone mask up – and guess what
And I heard they got a nice chain
And for the right price I'll bust the right brain
And mommy hot cause pull up in that white thang
Yo nigga might be fly but I still get trifling
Riding through the city just me and my friend
Friday night special, professional tight aim
A gangsta is who you hearing
Me in my building with 20 bricks in the ceiling
I'm more real than, I got more scrill than
Got more skill than them there
I'm a Cash Money Millionaire

You don't want to fuck with Weezy
You don't want to fuck with Weezy
Hot Boy, Hot, Hot, Hot Boy, Hot, Hot, Hot Boy
Hot, Hot, Hot Boy

[Lil Wayne]
Baby let me get the keys to the rover
No, let me get the keys to the house in Eastover
So I can throw a 500 Degreez platinum party
Than the after party
Me and my Squad stomping in this bitch
Fuck a bachelor party
Don't go to rapper parties – I'm no rapper man
But when the homies come home we throw a monster jam
And all my people tote chrome – we some monsters man
We gone mob to the promise land
I bought big – I'm a Tymer man
Son of a Stunna – still a girl fuck with a hustler!
Weezy keep it gutter for ya Baby Bubba
Baby blue Mercedes Coupe – Got it bullet proof
Make me shoot my 80 duke at your fucking roof
You're fucking with a big dog, nigga fucking woof
Mr. S-Fucking-Q – I'm the fucking truth
Three stripes, baby nice, lot of ice fucking ooohf!
That's 500 Degreez!

You don't want to fuck with Weezy
You don't want to fuck with Weezy
Hot Boy, Hot, Hot, Hot Boy, Hot, Hot, Hot Boy
Hot, Hot, Hot Boy
Bitch get your mind right, Bitch get your mind right

Go Hard lyrics - Lil Wayne

[Verse 1]
It's H-B Weezy Wee off the streets
Stay deep 'Cedes Jeep big feet
Gazer seats hold the bare floors
I faithfully hold to pimp whores
You ate with me and you gon get yours
This eight with me that's bullets through doors
Got haze in me now I'm so tall
Come blaze with me cuz Beaky got more
And now or later I'm major player
I ball right I need an agent player
Ay ma you tight you need to page a player
That's so tonight you can taste a player
I got the burner on the waist if you flinching
My shit turning on 28-inches
My shit burning like 500 plus
And this album's a three permer and a clutch

24/7 (Yes, sir)
I go hard (Go hard, go hard, go hard)
Not here

[Verse 2]
I claim squad game till no more Wayne remain
Bang my thing till no more lane remain
Use the left lane man cook up the cocaine
Dudes a lil game and get her to do brain
That boy Weezy is a bad mother-feezy
Me and Young Jazze at the back of one tweezy
I'm so breezy off the Velvie and the perk
Now I'm getting head on the balcony on Bourbon
Apple and Eagle is the street that I shop
The Birdman my daddy and we fly south
And we don't go to work man we get work out
And the bricks may go as low as ten up in the drought
Niggaz is selling and you should be buying
Niggaz is telling and you should be dying
Niggaz is yelling Cash Money till they kill me
C-M-B, I know you gotta feel me


[Verse 3]
You know if I'm doing it I'm probably doing it for the block
I'm out here bitch I got this here on lock
Come out here bitch I bet this here gon pop
I got ya slick this my year don't knock
Speakers from the front to the rear gon rock
Wood-grain handles to steer it's all hot
I never drove factory and I don't own stock
I drop that bitch on chrome chops, yeah

[Hook till end]

Young'n Blues lyrics - Lil Wayne

[Intro: Lil Wayne - talking]
I met her when I was young and she was younger
With a body like woman so her age meant nothing
I had to get her number
After how she made them daisy doots fit her all summer
I'm wishing I could hit her all summer
And all she ever wanted
Was for young Weezy to love her
But all I ever wanted was to cum easy and dump her
But that didnt come easy
'Cuz she ended up being my baby's mother
and then I felt smothered but little did I know
I'd never find the same girl inside another
But I never thought that I'd be looking for her
And I never thought that late at night
When I'm in the mix...laying down with some chick
That suddenly it'll click
How this broad in my drawers dont know shit
Bout what I did 'fore I was big
When's there's a woman with my kid where I should be
She screamed to me (What?)
My love, my patience, my pain (OK)
Nigga please

I got the young'n blues y'all (da-da-da-da-da)
I got the young'n blues y'all (da-da-da-da-da)
I got the young'n blues y'all (da-da-da-da-da)
I got the young'n blues y'all (da-da-da-da-da)

[Verse One]
I met her after the fame
And she aint even like me but I got her after the game
Mami was a nice piece, young Cali sweet thang
Made her into wifey and then reality changed
It was going good...I was happy again
But then things got rapidly strange
And it had to be Wayne
She was still a virgin
What more could I ask from a dame
But I was a bastard...I asked for the pain
Now my ass in the rain
And she got a new life...the picture flipped
And none of it includes Weez and all his bullshit (Shit)
And I remember the Bahamas for the weekend
We was freaking in the suite
And she looked sweet enough to beat it up
Till we began to sleep and I
I'm dreaming 'bout the Victoria Secret lingerie
Told me keep it..she aint want moms to see it
And just think I once saw it on the girl's body
Now all I'm seeing is nobody

I got the young'n blues y'all (da-da-da-da-da)
I got the young'n blues y'all (da-da-da-da-da)
I got the young'n blues y'all (da-da-da-da-da)
I got the young'n blues y'all (da-da-da-da-da)

[Verse Two]
You see I never really ran, but no gentleman
All I know is big pimpin' ma'am
I'm just tryna be Weezy
And the perfect husband just might be too hard to find in me, Weezy
Baby girl you gotta work with ya boy
'Cuz all of that cursing it be hurting ya boy
Look for the better not the worst in ya boy
And maybe I can be ya boy...Ya know what I'm sayin'
But see this here is not your everyday love tune
It's the story of your everyday thug dude
And in your mind you prolly thinkin we don't love you
But on the real we just not used to what love do
And please consider that
We were taught to love money, ice, cars, and clothes
Love pussy but you dont love them ho's
Love ya niggaz love ya children
Now if they got a bitch you could love that
Holla back

I got the young'n blues y'all (da-da-da-da-da)
I got the young'n blues y'all (da-da-da-da-da)
I got the young'n blues y'all (da-da-da-da-da)
I got the young'n blues y'all (da-da-da-da-da)
I got the young'n blues y'all (da-da-da-da-da)
I got the young'n blues y'all (da-da-da-da-da)
Young Weez'got the young'n blues y'all
I got the young'n blues y'all (da-da-da-da-da)

[Outro with Lil Wayne talking]