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mixtape: "Dedication 6: Reloaded" (2018)

For Nothing lyrics - Lil Wayne

[DJ Drama (Lil Wayne):]
Gangster, gangster
DatPiff dot com, world premiere
I'm reloaded (gangster)
(Chill out, yeah)
So after D6, I text Weezy
(It's rough)
I say, now it's time for a vacation
Guess the iPhone autocorrected
And he thought I said "now it's time for a Dedication."
(We gon' bring it y'all)
So now y'all got a twenty pack
(What's your address?)
You're welcome
(And not your email address neither)
D6: Reloaded
(Hundo, leggo)
A Dedication!

[Lil Wayne:]
Looking in the mirror, all I see is money
Bop, bop, but if I was blind, all I hear is running
Plug went to jail Saturday, 'posed to meet him Sunday
He said his bitch flushed the work, time to do some plumbing
Gotta love the way we comin' though, we keep it coming
Wolves never cry wolf and you could feed us onions
Pledge allegiance to the region that's beneath and under
The southside from your blind side, Stevie Wonder
Hunger Games, ain't no games when we speaking hunger
We greedy fuckers, eat your supper, pick our teeth and mug ya
The pocket bussin' out the muscle, bitch, I'm bleeding blubber
And I been drunk and I can't trust you 'cause I'm seein' double
And I been ballin' like the Rucker, nigga triple-double
And now there's war, and they want peace
But it won't fix the puzzle
You drop the ball, if you a beast, you won't be quick to fumble
If I'm too deep, then get a bigger shovel, dig a tunnel
If you a beast, then that bitch can't get a nickel from you
I'm the only one that speak, when we in the huddle
Make a pussy nigga leak, then jump in the puddle
We comin' deep, to your street, 'bout to rent a shuttle
Every day of the week, if I hit the street, I gotta hear the hustle
Every day of the week, I gotta get loaded, loaded
Skip the buffering
I got it made, and with that said, I gotta tip the butler
I like my bitches mustard, business hushed, and Bentley's custom
Bitches suffering 'cause the system fucked 'em, now they fucking
They can't hide they battle scars but they can hide they stomachs
Niggas like Niagara Falls how they mouths are running
But we making caviar out of flounder's, guppies
Stand tall but I'm a munchkin to my pile of money
Got down and dug it, found a nugget, made a mountain of it
Don't need a crown, gown or nothing, I'm the king of subject
Chocolate, brown, cream, and fudgie, and I'm peanut buttery
Fuck the fuckery, I go skullduggery, it get ugly
Niggas thuggin, we got babies smuggling in they Huggies
Niggas juggling different kind of drugs, Feds struggling
Sippin actavis, activist like Fred Douglas
Goodnight, sleep tight, watch the bed buggies
She give me ass, she give me head, I call it headbutting
Walk in a room full of buttons, press the red button
Blow this bitch to shreds, get my skateboard, and shred something
Lead pumpin' you dead pumpkin, go 'head, dump 'em
Redrum 'em, goin' hard in the paint, Andre Drummond
Headhuntin', Good Will Huntin', still stuntin'
All or nothin', Warren G to Warren Buffet
Stormin', floodin', lightnin', thunder, Carter coming
Like karma coming, my bitch pussy's the warmest oven
Need morning lovin', she foreign, down on my former country
Thick as fuck, no panties when she got on the onesie, whoa
Time to get this paper though
You ape or ho, bitches in line to get this snake fa'sho
We take the dough if they don't pay the dough and that's fa'sho
We make 'em vegetables and we don't even like vegetables
These niggas extra broke, we break a nigga down to decimals
We up in Mexico to see the plug, and not electrical
High cholesterol, you niggas salty, I'm the pepper though
Your bitch ain't half a ho, she wanna be in my next episode
I'm a steppin stone and that.380 my chaperone
And blow like saxophone, and when the smoke clear I'ma stand alone
And from the terra-dome, yeah
That New Orleans, home of methadone
Cops on megaphones its so much bad luck, ain't no leprechauns
I been called a stone, pocket full of stones
On the corner moving stones
Papa was a Rolling Stone, I'm so stoned
In this bitch, waiting on Babylon
Bible on the dresser, next to the gun and Tylenol, silence off
Spike a bitch drink like volleyball
I love all skinny bitches, can't get in the ride at all, not at all
I'm involved in a real private war, time to brawl
Niggas don't want lil Tune to take these diamonds off
I'ma talk crazy to a deaf nigga
These niggas blind, I'ma still draw up my set, nigga
Steel tote in your chest, nigga
Hell no to a yes nigga
Fuckin' right to a bad bitch
She can fuck around and get her ass licked
Still can't get her ass kissed
Black fist, middle finger to taxes, the police and they actions
I'm still pickin' out mansions
Still dicking' down, such and such
Still fuckin' with so and so
Still fuckin' my bitches friends
Never fuck my woadie ho
Still talkin' about Hollygrove, still talkin' bout coke and dope
On the set, in that, OVO
On the jet, in that, OVO
I don't threaten I go for broke
Wanna step and go toe to toe?
No bullshit at this rodeo and all my clips Pinnochio
Tunechi, bitch, for nothing

Drops mic
Well, I can't technically 'cause it's connected, but, but, you get the expression
Mula, welcome, thank you for joining
Dedication 6, this some sick shit
Umm, first of all, I wanna thank Drama for doing this shit again, and always doing this shit for his dawg. My nigga, one time. Thank everybody involved, everybody involved. My team, my team is my fam. Everybody who put they fingerprints on this shit, 'preciate everybody

So the definition of Dedication has changed for me since the first one, since the second one, since the third one, whatever. It's because, umm, whenever I put it out, umm, it's life. And since I don't write none of my shit, I'm coming from the head. And what happens is, when you rap so long or when you do it so long, all the things in your head, you done used up. So what happens is you gotta start using something else and coming from somewhere else, and that somewhere else is ten times out of ten your heart. And, umm, that's what this Dedication 6 project is

But, uh, yeah, the definition is always different because I'm always going through something at that time of my life, you know what I mean. I prolly was fucking your bitch on Dedication 4, and the whole fucking shit was dedicated to her, you know what I mean. I dunno. Whichever one that wasn't, that didn't do as well as all of the rest of them, that was definitely the one that was dedicated to her

Go Brazy lyrics - Lil Wayne (feat. Jay Jones)

[DJ Drama:]
Ride with mula
Yeah that's the mob
Come check with Dram
And do ya job

[Lil Wayne:]
I'm not worthy of your controversy
I'm not thirsty baby I'm allergic
Colder than a hockey jersey
Dirty like Kentucky Derby
I was lying on a gurney
I don't wanna die early
I was screaming fuck the world
You was singing like a bird, yeah
Never be concerned or worried
Two girls like Laverne and Shirley
Wake up in the morning early
Tell 'em that I love 'em dearly
They say oh my God have mercy
Shining like a I got on Jergens
You can hear my diamonds screaming
Like they just met God in person
Oh my God the squad alerted, I confirm it
They hop up like kermit
Come to bless you like a sermon
My house lit like Pee-Wee Herman's
And you know I bought it furnished
I'm determined like attorneys
Ya'll lil boys ain't got attorneys
I just hope she not a burden
I just hope she got a purpose
That first week was power surging
Oh my God the socket working
I been listening to the money, it been telling me it's coming
Sound like music to my ears, like a symphony of hundreds
Momma told me I'd be special, Grandma told me I'd be something
I made sure they wasn't guessing
Made the most out they assumptions
Being everything but simple
Stretch a dollar like a limo
Got a grill in one dimple
Got my deal without a demo

[Dj Drama:]
Ride with Mula
Yeah that's the mob
Come check with Dram
And do ya job
Thanksgiving is the name
IceBox did the chain
Rolex for the watch
Motherfucker, Plain Jane

[Jay Jones:]
I got issues, I got problems
We got missiles in the chopper
Got a hoe from the Bahamas
Let me sword fight with her tonsils
Brought the hoe up in the condo
Had a party with Fernando
I got condoms in the dresser
Percosets on all the mantle
All they handle
Name a bitch that I ain't fuck and Imma bag her
Keep it real, if I ain't fuck then my bros Tune and Mack done had her
Got a bitch cook like a chef
I had a hoe from out the [?]
She like to suck dick with no hands
She say she do shit with no help
Control myself
I been working overtime I owe myself
I like my bitches thick and quick to go and lick below the belt
I brought a goat to Hollygrove
Flew your hoe out to my shows
What happen on these tour buses? Like Vegas, nobody knows
Got a plug on line 1, had to put momma on hold
Talking numbers trying to see how I'm gonna get momma that Ghost
Talking big money for sure, I don't trick money to hoes
I'mma keep running until I'm getting three hundred a show
Yeah bitch, ride with the Mob, slob on my knob
Get some bitches back to work and do the dishes, that's your job
I've been sipping, if they say I ain't that nigga then they lying
I put coke on the table, made her read between the lines
I sit back waiting my time
Now I'm flexin', now I'm winnin'
I'm at Saks or I'm at Lenox
Credit Card ain't got no limit
Got a Mac with a extension
Want see murder? Be a witness
Y'all lil' boys just mind your business
Before y'all swimming with the fishes
Wait, yeah
I got the wave
I got the juice
I got the sauce
Yeah hoe
Smoking the green, really it's verbal
So I'll be calling it hard
Woah, South Beach with a bad bitch
I was just in the trenches
I was just in a Honda
Now I'm skrrting in a Bentley

[Lil Wayne:]
Why don't I use social media? Hold on. That's why! I'm way too high for that shit, man. I will be pressin' all kinds of wrong shit. I can't follow ten- two fuckin' directions [?]. Everytime I try to fuckin' order something, uh, you know what I mean, if it got two extra fuckin' screens that you gotta go through, I'm straight. You know what I mean, it's just too much. Probably gotta be the same button to pressed to accept the shit, or deny the shit. I wouldn't know
That's why I don't fuck with social media. There ain't no other reason you know what I mean? People probably think I got like a real strong reason. Like, you know what I mean, no, 'cause, nah man, I just don't know how, and I be way too twisted. Like, way too twisted to be fucking with that
I don't really text, none of that, like it's just though
It's just, like, I'm not tech-savvy at all, I'm just sorry
But if you come sit down with me and smoke one with me, I mean you're gonna have an awesome time. It's just what it is. I'm very social

Weezy N Madonna lyrics - Lil Wayne (feat. Stephanie Acevedo)

You can throw up peace, I'm throwin' squad up
Had to get the dreads bleached, the James Blonde look
I'm 'bout to put my hands on her like E-Honda
She walkin' around in a Young Money Tee without a bottom
She squad
It's a Secret society, These niggas tiny, I'll be your body
Screaming, Money Team, money Team, Money Team, Mula, Screaming, Money Team, Money Team, Money Team
From the Roof tops

Young Tune winnin' now
You know I been winnin' then and now, anyhow
Anyway, Don't start no shit if you can't finish loud
I've been away, I've been around
I've been busy doin' business
Mind your business 'fore I shut your fuckin' business down
She say my lyrics like a lifeline when she down
She checkin' bitches off my timeline when she down
But all them bitches on the sideline, Out of bounds
Watchin' us play around

Stephanie and Weezy now
The birds birds birds are you singing now?
They gonna' keep a lil Puerto-rican out
A lil' souvenir gotta get me now
Haul ass on a bitch all in the fast lane
Turn Xan on your bitch you are just Plain Jane
I just laugh at the shit with my bad bitch gang (gang gang)
Cause' you ain't a bad bitch without a YM chain

I second that shit you ain't lyin' that's game
I tell your nigga meet me outside in the rain
I shoot him up like a hundred times then again, again & again
Are you not entertained?
Ain't no better drugs than the ones I know
I don't wanna dine on bitches I don't know
I don't usually do this unless I'm drunk or I'm high
And right now I'm both, Got me talking bout you hoe

Said she really love the blonde look
So she dyed her shit we look like Weezy and Madonna
Screaming, Money Team, money Team, Money Team, Mula
And I'm screaming
Fuck your team, Fuck your team, Fuck your team, Like 2Pac
Sip Slow
No blowin' highs, No killing vibes
We touch each other, Touch the sky
She rub her eyes
She cried Money Team, money Team, Money Team, Mula
She cried Money Team, Money Team, Money Team, And I zoom out

I Said "Tell me who you loyal to ?"
Is it Weezy? Is it Wayne? Is it Tunechi? Is it Gang? Or these no-names hanging with a nigga with a name?
How you poppin' pain pills and you living with the pain?
You can't tell me that ain't horrible
And my love always free when the lights get dark
I know love isn't cheap I got a nice-ass job
You look pricey to me, I'll rip your price tag off
Baby "Tell me who you loyal to ?"
Does it start with the money or the man?
Does it end with your heart in your hand?
Fuck it if the money bag in the other hand, That was the plan
Let that nigga spoil you
I guess somebody else on grind mode
But a nigga that provide though
Put his pride to the side though
You my slime so... Tunechi

Said she really love the blonde look
So she dyed her shit we look like Weezy and Madonna
I'm 'bout to put my hands on her like E-Honda
Cause' She walkin' around in a Young Money tee without a bottom
Screaming, Money Team, money Team, Money Team, Mula, Screaming, Money Team, Money Team, Money Team, Zoom Out
Nigga you could throw up peace, I'm throwin' squad up
Had to get the dreads bleached, The James Blonde look
She saw my pic on IG, Now she's inspired
She dyed her shit we look like Weezy and Madonna
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
That's Some Sick Shit
Money Team

See, this Dedication mixtape series is so important to the culture because they say it is. It's plain and simple, plain and simple. I don't label it important to the culture. If I have ever labelled it important to the culture I was feelin' myself and smellin' my drawers -- uh, pause -- I'm old, my mama used to always say that, my grandma used to say that "You smellin' your drawers." -- but anyway, I don't know if y'all people say that, I'm from the south -- but yeah, the Dedication mixtape is important to the culture because the culture say it's important. So that's why I still jump my ass in these motherfuckin' booths, wherever I can find a booth, most likely the same one, and do my motherfuckin' thing. And I gotta keep doing my thing and that's why I do my thing because the culture say it's important. They say "We want that, we need that, we gotta have that." It make the-it make the world know what I mean? It make the music world spin, and that's what it's all about, and it's 'cause they say it.

Big Bad Wolf lyrics - Lil Wayne

[DJ Drama (Lil Wayne):]
I'ma just say this shit right here
The greatest mixtape series of all time
Care to debate me?
Yea, I thought so
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

Keep that shit on Twitter
Y'all ain't lit, y'all litter
Keep that shit in your shitter
Or eat that shit, don't spit up (Rrr!)
Keep my bad bitch did up
Keep my main bitch, put up
Watchin' me do push-ups
She was playin' with herself and I looked up (Damn!)
Your thot need to get her look up
You plottin' on me, my foot up
Your squad ain't hard, that's cushion
That ain't sauce, that's puddin'
Tunechi across her bosom, damn!
Shootin' up the jurors, damn!
Don't name my pistol
I name the trigger, Benjamin Button, push 'em (Bam!)
Y'all just pussy, get buried together and let 'em play footsie
Y'all just wussy
I got some bullets, gon' pull up in hoodies and come take a look-see
Better play hooky
I got some hookers hookin' up with some politicans
And some athletes and some college niggas
Send your missus on all kind of missions
I'm the sickest nigga skippin' doctors visits
But my pots is pissy, smokin' hockey sticky
Put a stockin' on my face and hit a lick in'
When shit get ugly, I go Pretty Ricky
I don't fuck with rats, neither Minnie, Micky
I don't fuck with cops, that's the piggly wiggly
Fuck my bitch's friends, and they friendly-friendly
While your bitch givin' me her twenty-twenty like she tired of Mickey-D's
Wendy's, Denny's like she tired of Macy's
JC Penny's, I got bitches gettin' tired of spendin', spend it
If we winnin', win it
I know Dream Chasers that ain't never dreamt it
So I had to tint it and I had to rim it
And I worked the lanes like Shaq and Penny
It's the Blood gang, it's the money gang
Red rags to riches, need happy endings
Then it's back to business and we laugh at sentencin'
Hungry lawyers make a snack out witnesses
Hungry artists or starvin' artists in the kitchen
Restaurant and cafeterias
Don't make a difference if you taste the difference
Better pay the difference to the racketeers
Now your good luck lookin' like you crackin' mirrors
Now the artificial become sacrificial
That's a body count, where the mathematician?
Where the wettest clitoris and fattest nipples?
With an ass that jiggle with a grab or tickle
With a throat deep enough to land a missile
If ya nigga miss you and he have opinions
Tell him two cents is only half a nickel
Now we at his villa, aiming at his pillows
Hair triggers, fingers finna act like bristles
And I catch a triple, flip kick jiu-jitsu
Throwin' pool parties, she don't have a swimsuit
Neither of her friends do, I think that's official
Got my neighbor's eyes bigger than the Simpson's
And I'm magnificent so I had to pimp her
And she had potential but he lacked credentials
So give me a sec', I'll go at your neck
And send you back lookin' like the Dracula bit you (Rrr!)
Yeah, cannibalism goin' animalistic in a land of civilians
These niggas clones, copycats, and chameleons
Once they dead and gone, no paraphernalia
When she left her thong, that's paraphernalia
Sound familiar? My plug's Sicilian
He the one who told me that sometimes you gotta leave ya la familia
Behind the millions
Rhyme or reason
I'm the reason, got they eyes wide but too blind to see it
With friends like those
It make me text all my enemies and tell 'em I don't need 'em
Hallelujah, power intruders
Bitch walk around my house like Hooters
Towel user, power user
Molly mixed with white girl, Molly Susan
Niggas talkin' out their bowel movers
Turn they homies into flower choosers
Turn your kids into father choosers
Make your bitch a widow and your mom a cougar
I'm a silent shooter with a silent shooter
Clap at you, if you don't die, I'll boo ya
Tell a doc that's tryna to save your life and runnin' wires through you
He could die next to ya (Rrr!)
I'ma make the nurse ride me like a giant scooter
Let her partner shoot it
We pull out the movie, win awards
She got a Golden Globe head and an Oscar booty
Niggas prostitutin', these rappers ain't talkin' 'bout shit
Not even 'bout pollution
Ain't got a house to live in, ain't got a pool to swim in
Change in their pockets, nor a couch to lose it
In route to Houston with a contribution full of Monster juices
Monster too slow, macho Cujo macho mucho
Big bad wolf, watch the moon glow (Rrr!)
I got a Greek freak, she call me Antetokounmpo
Just follow the kupo and I know that you know
I'm hotter than soup, she still swallow my soup bowl
I'm out of my loophole, you outta the loop, though
Got all these niggas on silent and mute mode
The power to do so, my pockets is sumo
Gettin' the mula by the minuto
Mafia Nuvo, I am the uno
Real boss nigga, should model for Hugo
Fuck with me, I go Lolapaloozo
Pull up trigger finger, holler, and pull up
(Pah, pah, pah)
Sound like a symphony or Opera, tudo
Hittin' some new notes
And I am the maestro and you just a typo
Private flight, don't fly in too low
I'm wiser than you know, a private school flow
I got me a new ho and now it's a duo
One went to college and one went to juco
I had to ask 'em, what's four plus two though? (Rrr!)

Sick lyrics - Lil Wayne

[DJ Drama:]
A YMGM Collaboration
Young Money, Generation M
Get with it!

[Lil Wayne:]
Squad poppin', like the pentagon
Squad poppin', like the renaissance
Squad poppin', like the thriller song
And you pussy ass niggas thrill is gone
My squad lit like a strobe light
Squad lit on a slow night
Squad ain't got no types
Cinderella, Pocahontas, Snow White
My squad poppin', my bitch shopping
My niggas thuggin', my bitch robbing
I'm inside cuddling with the choppa
Working on the stove, like a novel
Diggin' in my pockets, tryna find the bottom
Codeine got the drink all soggy
And your queen got my dick hard body
There's a stick up in my drawers, armed robbery
My squad poppin', like the white house
Squad never need time out
Squad way up on the ninth cloud
Way up here, we got iCloud
My squad lit like a strobe light
Every night, any night, all night
6 hoes and they all dykes, and all they need is one mic
My new attic full of dead bodies
Old attic full of dead bodies
Bedroom full of red bodies
I got your main bitch headlining
She cry to me said "You're no fair!"
Cried to me said "You're low fare."
Dry pussy with no hair
So we showered together and the soap fell
Then I ask her how the dope feel
I don't care how the hoe feel
I kick her ass out the dope house
And she can ask her ass how the door feel
Squad poppin' like the pentagon
Thot talk like Jenny Jones
Smokin loud like an intercom
I'm goin keep it summer all winter long
Squad lit like the sunlight
You goin have to squint or use on eye
No Mike Tyson this a gun fight
Had to hide my guns cause they gun shy
Squad pop like the pentagon
Had to put a few killers on
If you don't want no static you goin have to put some antennas on
Wait, drop top with the titties on
Bitch bounce like a tennis ball
Pussies hatin' like menopause
Its a jungle out there, Senegal
Wait, drop top with the tinteds on
It get ugly when I'm pretty stoned
Fat pockets with the skinnies on
I'm dead right but I'm living wrong
No red lights my limits gone
My meds right I'm trippy jones
My wave right like Billabong
My diamonds dance like Diddy Combs
Her headlights I turn em on
She wanna go to Mars, that journey long
I'm goin fuck her hard till her sternum gone
My diamonds sing, she learn the songs
I woke up, like this hoe
I'm burning pot like Crisco
She a Crip hoe but she a nympho
And we color blind and you know love is blind
In each others eyes, we butterflies
Rock and roll like Hummer tires
I don't even got to be her number 1
I'm her number 6
And she my number 9
Get it
All these drugs scientific
All these boys science fiction
Softer than a flying ribbon
Walkin all 9 innings
Talkin shit while I'm shittin
Defication expensive
Destination exquisite
Dedication 6 senses
I'm the shit up in the restroom
Guess who up in my guest room
Smack her ass leave a flesh wound
Weezy F baby test tube
The Martian gets high as Neptunes
I fuck your bitch how is that news?
And you ain't shit to a raccoon
I go ape shit on these baboons
The diamonds still doing dance moves
The money still makin' fast moves
6 feet or 3 pair of shoes
You still underground where the grass grew
Headshot that's a hairdo
Blood drop like shampoo
Young Vidal Sassoon
Oh well no Shamu
She clap her ass in the lambo
We catch your ass gettin fast food
It happens fast then we vamoose
Rat-a-tat to the tat-poof
I go apple jack to the froot loop
I got milk, sauce and the Ragu
From the body on the side walk
I chucked to the chalk in this kids classroom
Six shit

[Lil Wayne:]
Craziest shit Drake ever bought me as a gift was um probably some, some jewelry or something like Drake buy real extravagant gifts like so, I don't, you know, forgive me for saying I don't remember but it's like the gift be so extravagant meaning like I probably use it every day so when you use something everyday you totally forget who got that shit for you, I 'm sorry you just do. and so he get you those type of gifts when I say extravagant I mean like uh the house I probably live in was probably bought by Drake you know what I mean shit like that

Family Feud lyrics - Lil Wayne (feat. Drake)

Dedication 6, of course
Shout out Guru for sending me the beat, too
Young Angel, Young Lion
More Life, no dying
Alright, I got it

Super Bowl goals
I'm at the crib with Puff, he got Kaepernick on the phone
He in a whole different mode
Angel hair at 2AM for Bey and Hov
Just to show them how I treat the city like my humble abode
Aye, tell me if TD bank is approving loans
I'm thinking about paying Wayne what Universal owes
My nigga spend a lifetime going platinum and gold
He should own half of the label, shit outta control
Somebody get Larry Jackson on the phone
I need some ownership if we pressing go
'Cause business is booming on behalf of me
I need a bite outta the Apple like Adam and Eve
We gon' have to break the billi' curse
I need my paper long like "A Milli" verse
Or too long like a sentence from a Philly judge
Fuck is the point in all the beefing when we really blood
Nobody wins when the family feuds, nigga
Everybody gotta eat, we can't exclude niggas
I make the crib, expanding pools, and expanding rooms
Adding Hammam Spas with tanning booths, nigga
That's truth, no boost, nigga
But this isn't all about calling truce
I'm still dishing out verbal abuse
That shit could get re-introduced if somebody got something they urging to prove, nigga
Inspiring to the youth
New Years Eve, looking like a royal flush
Wait, we all in the same suit
I'm hall of fame in the booth, nigga
My karma making the news, nigga
This pudding taste like the proof, nigga
If I ever see Trump, he better salute niggas
Much as we do nigga
For real

[Lil Wayne:]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Six shit

I could care less about your squad
I don't connect when I'm flying
I'm on a jet and it's mine
I just hope the weather is fine
I took the jet to Dubai
I took the jet to Milan
I took the jet way to Africa
Shout out my nigga Akon
Your bitch sweating my squad
Please, get the sweat out her eye
I put the dick in her spine
I fucked the bitch in her prime
Don't get my credit declined
Give all the credit to moms
I flipped the bird at the bird
Hey, what's for dinner?
These chickens got bird flu
And they chirp, chirp too
Always sung, never flew
These boys hot, girls too
If money grow on trees, I climb and rest in that bitch
Build a treehouse and knocked the bird nest out that bitch
Stuck my neck out and shit
Then got the heck out that shit
And when I did, I took the special effect out of that shit
Tunechi F 'round this bitch
The best thing left 'round this bitch
All you niggas some bitches, I feel like Hef 'round this bitch
You call her Stephanie
I call her Steph 'round this bitch
Now back to whipping the baby
On some step mama shit
I come direct with my shit
I come correct with my shit
A blank check on your face
Put some respect on my shit
Branches starting to shake
Here comes the leaves, get the rake
I want my piece of the cake
And she'll be sweeter than cake
Here come the leaves, get the rake
And we ain't leaving the rake
We made the cleaners escape
Although I bleeped in your face
You playing with the right one today
Your flag is a white one today
You wearing them tight ones today
Check me a right one today
You playing with fire today
The Angel and Lion are greats
On my god, lightning striking twice in this place
Should we make a wish or should we make it right in this place?
All these mother fucking beef, I need some rice on this plate
Talked to your wifey today, she feeling triflin' she say
Talked to the sniper, he say
He aiming at diapers today
Pick you off like picking peppers, Peter Piper today
So tell your squad I say "BLAOW" like Spice1 would say
It's Mortal Kombat tonight, it's Street Fighter today
I'm Major Bison, Drizzy lit like Raiden light up the place
You see blue face hundreds 'til you white in the face
Oh my god, it feel like I done life in this place
But swear to god, I got money doing life in my safe
Put on the gloves like MJ, go from OG to OJ
I make you pay attention then rip your receipt in your face
This for Cita and Nae
This for my people and BAE
I got three sons of a gun
Them niggas keep me on safe
Hold up
I am the black god to the church
I am the fat boy to dessert
I am the landlord to the first
Got two bangers, one of them go "badda boom"
One of them go "badda bing"
I taught these hoes how to love
I taught these boys how to lean
I'm hiding the sky in her twinkle
The eyes don't lie until you blink them
Keep the iron for the wrinkles
The mansion came with the sprinklers
I want Arabian wealth
You snakes come make me a belt
Yeah, you know life is a movie, you niggas playing yourself
Damn, that's some six shit
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I want Arabian wealth
You snakes come make me a belt
It's every man for themselves
It's every baby for sale
And you know life is a movie, you niggas rating yourself
I just hope it’s a porn to watch you pussies play with yourselves
That's some six shit

Abracadabra lyrics - Lil Wayne (feat. Jay Jones & Euro)

[Jay Jones:]
Yeah, look
I'ma tell you all this last time, don't get involved
Bullets start, ripping through the walls
Hit your baby momma, and the house door
We making house calls
I'm an outlaw, in the south ward
Knock your ass out, if you talk stupid
Got a big dick, so I walk stupid
She got that hit it quick in the car booty (Hold on)
Bad hoes need to get a raise, Lame niggas tryna get away
But all your diamonds need to get appraised, you in the way
Too many nights I was out lurking, mine in the days
Nine days on my ocean drive with a bad bitch lyin in the shades
Sipping minute maid, gotta penetrate, let me demonstrate
Got the Jones soda with the drink in it
Got a backwood with the dank in it
Party ain't popping if we ain't in it
Go Blake Griffin, might flex on 'em
That's too much sauce
I bet them hoes know who I are
They treat a nigga like a superstar and that's what I am
I got your bitch but that's my bitch
So that's our bitch and that's all cool
When you trip out, won't dip out
She just call me and I fall through
And that's bad news
Hold these nuts, cashews
Vroom, I flew past you
New whips here, what the bags do, past cool

My enemies should get a good breakfast and a cup of coffee
I know refugees that don't rush things, they kill 'em softly
My closet still got Nike boxes and a couple corpses
Look, even though I'll never sell my soul, I got a couple offers
Don't think about it, I smoke about it, I drink about it
They rap a body, then rap about it
Sink the body, then sing about it
Zip the body, then sip about it
Fuck the world, I'ma still get some cool things up out it
If a CEO wanna dance all in my video, I need a big deposit
Swerve, swerve, I'm back on 'em
I bet I'm turning my back on 'em
I fuck, then see if Tune, Jay Jones, Hoody or Mack want 'em
Real shit, I've seen good girl go to airports with that pack on 'em
Trill shit, I've seen bad bitches with good genes but I slack on 'em
I ain't focused there
Gotham City, got Batmans and Jokers there
I'm in the club but I'm in the cut, they got cameras here like Oprah's here
Since a kid, I heard gunshots, mothers cry, all the shit soldiers hear
So I had to Abracadabra, voila just to make hope appear

[Lil Wayne:]
Abracadabra, Abracadabra!
We rata-ta-ta-ta, then disappeared, right after it happened
Copperfield, I just popped a seal
You don't believe in magic, but you know that I'm for real
Voila, Voila! Ta-da, Ta-da!
Voila! Voila! Mula! Voila!
Told my momma, nana
I'm doing my count
Don't ruin my count
Bust to em, I'm out
Voila, Voila! Ta-da, Ta-da!
Voila! Voila! Mula! Voila!
Mama, nana
I'm doing my count
Don't ruin my count
Bust to em, I'm out, Voila!

Magic Dust, yeah that's a rush
Got her cracking up, crying all at once
Man, that was fun, I'm spazzing up
I'm gassing up that Cali stuff, that massacre
I'm magical with chemicals
And smashing stuff, Metallica
Satanical like Skeletor
You're greener than a salad bar
I leave from here to Africa
To read some Maya Angelou
And prank a call, you acting all Di Caprio
We trap and go from caserole
We back and fourth in traffic with that Macklemore
That magic snow, it's always cold
And my freak on that molly water
I met this bitch on Collins
But she out the hood, her mama cook
I'm on the way, I'm on a stage
The Magic show, I feel like Dave
I walk on water, float in air
I'm over there, I'm in your face
I pop up out of nowhere
Bap-bap at your doorbell
Disappear in thin air
All we leave is smoke there
Smoking roadkill, she on coke here
Stash is sticking to her nosehair
I'm a magician in the motel
Moving tricks for wholesale
Hold on, abracadabra
The data don't matter
We rata-ta-ta-ta, over the chatter
We got mo' ammo than Granma
Hammers and hammers
Pull up in Lambos
Shoot up the cameras
Die in pyjamas
Find you with Sam and your wife and your mamas
All in your family, I'm balling like Magic

Abracadabra, Abracadabra!
We rata-ta-ta-ta, then disappeared, right after it happened
Copperfield, I just popped a cell
You don't believe in magic, but you know that I'm for real
Voila, Voila! Ta-da, Ta-da!
Voila! Voila! Mula! Voila!
Momma, nana
I'm doing my count
Don't ruin my count
Bust to em, I'm out, Voila
Abracadabra, Abracadabra!
We rata-ta-ta-ta, then disappeared, right after it happened
Copperfield, I just popped a seal
You don't believe in magic
But you know that I'm too real, Voila, Voila!
OVO shorts, high socks
Music is art, Basquiat
Niggas is squares hopscotch
Time out, nana, I got sauce you dryed out
I'm big boss, you big mouth
Magic show don't miss out

What haven't I done yet?
I haven't Bungee jumped, err, haven't been to Mount Everest, err, take that back, I've probably have been to Mount Everest. Probably flown over it, probably rolled past it and it just was twisted, you nah mean? That's real shit, real shit, real shit. Holla at my friends, they will let you know slime has sat down and probably at with the president, and whatever president it was at the time, totally don't remember, you nah mean? But I do remember, Obama saying my name in a speech, shoutout Obama. But still, what haven't I done yet... release Carter 5

Back From The 80's lyrics - Lil Wayne

I keep the blamma in the drawer with the pajamas
I keep the ammo in the bananas
I keep the standards high as the Canyon
I treat the Grammy's like some medallions
I treat the randoms like some companions
I treat the weed like some azelias
I got more value than I got failure
I got more flings than I got flair
I don't dream if I do not have nothing to wear
You see what I mean and that's why you stare
I know you believe, I know you beware
I know she a fiend, and this an affair
If momma a queen and poppa a bear
You run out of steam, you run out of stairs
I run in Supreme, and get something rare
She run to the team and now she a player
We live on the edge, we die in the air
We sick in the head, but pockets is well
We tiptoe on eggs, we out of our shell
Our vision is red, the eyes are as well
We can't pay attention, we got to pay bills
It doesn't make sense, if it's not making mills
We do not take pictures, we're not taking L's
If y'all love to listen, then I hate to tell
If you're scared to visit, then I take it there
If heaven is real, then y'all fake as hell
Cut off your heels and bounce on your tail
I'm on a mission, survival is real
Man, fuck how I fix it admire the repairs
I'm talking six but my mind is on twelve
Poppin' prescriptions on top of the hill
Even the devil advised me to chill
I told that nigga, stay out of my hair
She just want to fuck in the throne
Shit get too deep and they dug up your bones
I'm sippin' that Sleep and I'm smoking that Gone
When you reach your peak, we gon' cut off your arms
She sniffin' that King and she mix it with Kong
Her clit got a ring, and my dick got a horn
This is what I call a risk and reward
We cutting it close, give the ninjas the swords
Fuck what they think, man these niggas don't know us
This shit is sick and it get in your pores
And then you a corpse, and then is the morge
Me, Imma hustle until it's the Forbes
I swore, it was no more than a chore
The house by the water, condo by the shore
I'm sure, I'm all about that manure
Cooler than leather and hot as velour
I'm not the one, winning is war
I'm on the front until combat is done
And I got your tongue, stomp on it once
Then smile at your young they see I'm having fun
Shit don't get brazy, 'til I say go brazy
Run up on your haven and pop at your nasal
Your baby gon take me straight down to the basement
Gun to the head, she get down to the basics
No dramatization, we popping these gauges
Even the neighbours gon' feel the vibrations
Behind desperation, it's just in our nature
So cold-hearted, persperation turn to glaciers
Ovations, better be loud and bodacious
And then Imma take me a bow and be gracious
Wipe the gun off with my towel
Throw it in the crowd
And then take a pow at the spacious
I'm out of my mazes, I'm out of my cages
I'm out of the labels, I'm kind of escapist
I profit, I praise it, I spend it, I save it
I buy me a nation, you renting on avis
I'm in it, I sit it, I did it, you said it
You killin', you playing, I'm friendly, I'm faded
I get way to high to get through the hiatus
You look in my eyes and my pupils dilated
I'm true to my ratings, I'm glued to my statements
I just want to dive in the pool of my payments
I'm in and outrageous, I'm rippin' out pages
You runnin' your mouth, see how quick you can chase it
And then you rephrase it, we stick to invasions
The stick is malicious, equipped with a laser
The temperature blazin, attention is raising
You smell the dead once, gotta live with the fragrance
Sickness is real, the meds is too tasty
Death is related, happy we made it
Keeping it dirty like Sanford and Grady
Young mula baby, I'm back from the 80s
Sick shit

Gumbo lyrics - Lil Wayne (feat. Gudda Gudda)

Yo Pierre, you wanna come out here?

[Lil Wayne:]
We been outchea

Never buy the bitches by the cheque my nigga
Never bout the bitch about the cheque my nigga
That's my nigga!
Make me do construction in your section nigga
Rari' doin' donuts that's my breakfast nigga
Okay you got soldiers, I got veterans nigga
And I got that white, like One Direction nigga
Ke$ha nigga, Only God can judge you
I'm a sentence, you the death my nigga (yeah)
And you are not a topic in my section nigga
Math teacher taught me how to count my fucking blessings nigga
Got, married to the fucking mob when I met it nigga
Everybody cried at my motherfucking wedding nigga
Everybody 5 in my motherfucking section nigga
Hoodybaby six, so numbers lying in my sections nigga
Still got them bloods, like a vessel nigga, that's right nigga
Tell a blind nigga, watch your step my nigga
Left, right nigga, (whoa)
I let my niggas glow, My niggas don't speak
BAP! BAP! BAP! Quote, un-quote
Never had cold feet
Stepping out, moving snow
Cut the heads off the sheep, and send them all around the GOAT
O-M-W, B-M-W, N-E-W
I got that R-A-W, for the L-O-W
That's non-refundable, that's L-A-W
And we hate deductibles, like police hate untouchables
They see me in the car, then they F-O-L-L-O-W
I drive S-L-O-W, with that B-L-O-W
I like it very colorful
When it come to my jungle juice
I'm outchea yelling "Fuck a truce!"
If he gon' act like mother goose (whoa)
It's never bout' the kids, about the pets my nigga (no)
It's right between the ears, above the neck my nigga (whoa)
It's very quiet, when you hear the weapons nigga (shh!)
They verify you by your dental records nigga (Six Shit)

[Gudda Gudda:]
Fuck the city up and I got the glizzy tucked
Dick hanging from the mouth, look like a billy club
Flyest niggas from the city, bitch, that's really us
You pussies talking, boo boo boo, now you really fucked
Ridin' in the range with Maine, we switch lanes
With my bottom bitch, walked the beach in Biscayne
Real P shit, that's that M.O.B. shit
Look at me now, these pussies said I wasn't gon' be shit
Yeah, got a homie named Trel from Hoover, he might shoot you
Red rag hangin' out my right pocket, but I'll blues you
When them roosters touch down, we make them bitches cock-a-doodle
Take a shot at me over a beat, bitch, I'ma shoot you
Got a bitch named Vicky, she pretty, she keep me stiffy
Glock.40 in her purse, don't tempt me, her finger itchy
She ride so I keep her with me
She shy but not with that glizzy
She high from hittin' the blizzy
Eyes red like trippy
Hoody rollin' up, that boy smoke like a hippie
Fill my double cup up with mud, that's right, I'm sipping
Yeah, retarded with it, I just might be the hardest with it
And you a rat, you be politckin' with the Sarge, Lieutenant
Fuck all you bitches

Drowning lyrics - Lil Wayne (feat. Vice Versa & Marley G)

[DJ Drama (Vice Versa):]
A Dedication
Rest in peace Fredo Santana
(Say that she used to be a lifeguard)

[Vice Versa:]
So much fake love, I been drowning, drowning
Pop me a perc, in my zone and it's timeless, timeless
I've been so hot, tell a nigga come find me
Been at the bottom, look down and I bet you gon' see diamonds
So much fake love, I been drowning, drowning
Pop me a perc, in my zone and it's timeless, timeless
I've been so hot, tell a nigga come find me
Been at the bottom, look down and I bet you gon' see diamonds

[Lil Wayne:]
Don't ask me for shit but this blunt or this dick
Fake love in the air, love bugs turn to ticks
That's more than enough, Pink Floyd in the cup
Burr, I always pick up, 'less she callin' my bluffs
Smell it, like it, buy it, light it, hit it
Mix it with some molly now we gettin' scientific
Bought another house just to put more pots to piss in
Bitches got they hands out, I shake it like we just did business
This just business, wait
Oh my God, I'm drowning in her kidneys, she like (ooh)
I just listen and the higher notes she hit it
I know I sound like a grizzly and the cocaine look like crystals
That's that white girl, call her Chrissy, hol' up, listen, see
You fuck it all up
You put that wall up
You feelin' yourself, but I can't hate
'Cause you got that soft touch, okay
You standin' in rain and driftin' it
You lookin' for change but penny pinch
You swallow your pride, I'm sippin' it
You drown in your tears, I swim in 'em
6 shit

[Vice Versa:]
So much fake love, I been drowning, drowning
Pop me a perc, in my zone and it's timeless, timeless
I've been so hot, tell a nigga come find me
Been at the bottom, look down and I bet you gon' see diamonds
So much fake love, I been drowning, drowning
Pop me a perc, in my zone and it's timeless, timeless
I've been so hot, tell a nigga come find me
Been at the bottom, look down and I bet you gon' see diamonds

I'm off the codeine refill my cup
Robotic coupe while I'm pullin' up
Was feelin' down so I spiked my cup
Was in need of you so I hit you up
Hollywood, I'm in a loft
Catch a plane, Randy Moss
Bag 'em up, ship 'em off
Fuck the law, what's the cost?
Please don't be [?] on me, ooh get the snakes on me
Been "What's the cost?" Get 'em in, get 'em off
Pop a perc I take off
Got a bitch [?], then she claim she from Mars
That bitch a liar, though
Say she a rider, bro
Say that she also a model, bro
Say that she used to be a lifeguard, savin' you
You don't see me drownin' hoe

[Marley G:]
Marley don't shoot 'em, but I still keep a chopper on me
Trap in silence, if they want you know that I'm a- (ooh)
Niggas hatin', debatin', don't wanna see me prosper
My flow is ill as fuck, niggas better call a doctor
Over when the fat lady sing done sing like an opera
Back in the G, I was flippin', runnin' through the projects
In the backyard with Tune ballin' in a pair of Balmain's
Last time I bought my bitches, I swear I love 'em all, mane
I be high as fuck, I be fly as fuck
My bitches is nasty, fuckin' her from the back, she callin' me daddy
With two in Miami, all for the family, do it for granny
I go with my move, nothin' to prove
Droppin' Choos, wearin' jewels
Couple thou' on the shoes
Shawty wet like a pool
Bitches see me and they drool
We don't [?]
YM, never lose
It's my time, no snooze
It's my time, no snooze
YM, never lose, yeah

[Vice Versa:]
So much fake love, I been drowning, drowning
Pop me a perc, in my zone and it's timeless, timeless
I've been so hot, tell a nigga come find me
Been at the bottom, look down and I bet you gon' see diamonds
So much fake love, I been drowning, drowning
Pop me a perc, in my zone and it's timeless, timeless
I've been so hot, tell a nigga come find me
Been at the bottom, look down and I bet you gon' see diamonds

[Lil Wayne:]
The craziest place I've ever seen a Lil Wayne tattoo on someone is... you ready? So, I'm 'bout to explain it, um... inside the lips of their pussy. Um, that's just the craziest place. So like, even when you see the pussy, she can show any man her pussy, he won't see it. She has to literally open her pussy up for you to see the name. Shout out- shout my homegirl, that's my homegirl, one time for her. I love you, girl. What's the craziest place I haven't seen a Lil Wayne tattoo is when people come up to me and say "You know I got your name on me, but, like, I can't show you right now 'cause I'm in work," or, "I can't show you right now 'cause," whatever. You ain't got my fuckin' name on you, shut the fuck up

Back To Sleep lyrics - Lil Wayne

Beep beep, beep beep, beep beeeeep

Yea, woke up to niggas sounding like me damn
I smoked one and went my ass right back to sleep okay
These rappers needs some law and order Ice T, God damn
They can't touch you Tunechi, Poison Ivy, man
I roll up and smoking like some hot tea yeah
I woke up and couldn't believe I got sleep damn
You woke up and then you try to live the dream
But before you check yourself, check my history
I ain't never been a stormchaser
Or just a fly on the wallpaper
I ain't never been a tailgater
Always been a bail maker
If it heaven sent right now, she gon' give a nigga hell later
If you don't get the shit right now
You gon' love to hate the smell later
I tell her hold up, your pictures don't entice me
She told me pull up and then she heard a light screech, yeah
I woke up with a white bitch under white sheets
She got a black heart, telling white lies through her white teeth
Black eyes from always tryna fight sleep
Ran into your wifey she says "Tunechi, wife me"
Hello, I'm so spicy I got her sweating like Keith
Though our time brief, she be on me like briefs
Ethica, Ethica, Ethica
Heffanie calling me Hefner
F-ing her all in her exiter
If he textin', I'm killing the messenger
All hail the dead in America
Your ex be hatin' like eczema
That nigga fake as a wrestler
I poke him straight in his retina
Anyway baby I'm feeling ya
Feel like I slipped and I fell in ya
But that nigga slipped and he fell for ya
Gotta be way more carefuler
These niggas no one to everyone
They play too much and never won
He got you a room at the Sheraton
I can get you your own area
Helluva, helluva, helluva
Girl the way you be taking this D from me
You act like you spelling something
Man this D put a spell on her
I'm deadly as my cellular
My diamonds sing like Mahalia
You gotta make a name for yourself
But these niggas fake as an alias
I don't see no comparison, no barbarians
I am not a human being
And you're humanitarian
I ain't trying to get booked again
Don't fuck with no librarians
Fell asleep in her wet pussy
I woke up in that aquarium, hold up

Woke up to niggas lookin' like me, damn
Throw up and go my ass right back to sleep, ugh
You woke up connected to some IV's
Beep beep, beep beep, beep beeeeep
That's some sick shit
I'm a shooting star
But your bitch got me shooting porn, yeah
I've been trying too hard
Wow, wow
I'm a shooting star, yeah
Going too far, yeah
I've been trying too hard, yeah
To fuckin' hide these 2 horns, damn
Sick, sick, sick

My friendship with Mack Maine is far, far, far, far, far, far more than a friendship. That's my fuckin' brother. I've known Mack since the hood, Hollygrove. He had the biggest house in the hood it was right on the corner. I'm not sure if the whole house was theirs but it was huge, he had a big ol' basketball court on his backyard and everybody used to drape out, ball in his backyard. And umm, since he lived on the corner like you can always go and chill and play basketball on his backyard and then like always be right there on the corner in case some shit pop off. So yeah me and Mack been down since the hood. He went to a good school, I didn't go to a too good school but then we ended up goin' to the same school, the school is actually called Mack Maine, know what I mean, and then he got known for fuckin' over niggas freestylin'. You know I mean Mack is cold at ribbin' I don't know if y'all call that roastin' or with all that shit y'all call it but uh he cold at that period. He could tear your ass up, make you cry, make you want kill him. That type of shit. He wanted them nigga [?] still be laughing overtime and actually have you laughing but still mad that's one of them niggas. So yes, when you know how to do that don't Lord let you know how to rhyme and he knew how to rhyme, so he used to kill niggas on that shit so that's how we really jammed up on this music shit
Shout out my nigga Mack

Thought It Was A Drought lyrics - Lil Wayne

Big body on brabus, that's all I know
Big shotties in the closet, that's all I wore
Screaming "money over power"
Quote, un-quote
And if the bread get too low, kidnap John Doe (hold up)
I just fucked your bitch in some Young Money flip flops
I'm smoking on that loud and you can hear a pin drop (hold up)
I just kissed my bitch and I left codeine in her mouth (yeah)
Swimming in my money, I smell chlorine when I count (get 'em)
Skating and mating, I'm spinning like Daytons
I'm winning like Peyton, I'm Christian like Laettner
I'm putting some straightener, into all of these Satans I'm
Wilder than Nathan, Goliath on David
I'm quietly waiting I'm trying to be patient but
They want me to wait for Simon to say it but
I am to pay this up, talk to my agent or
They talk about you to your congregation
Man, no conversation or negotiation
No affiliation by association
I need confirmation for my compensation
Or we make a corpse out of your corporation
I need my donation, take drugs in rotation
That AK gon' sound like a standing ovation
They landing your facial, your bandana rosacia
I'm all about numbers, comparisons, racials
Collateral, collateral, Xanax and adderal got me unparralleled
Me and your bitch compatible, go together like a parachute and a "geronimo"
This dick is mechanical, but he get too casual up in the vaginal
I pop a Viagra, she hop like a kangaroo, suck like a snaggle-tooth
I ain't got time for no rumors when I am not human, or you men, I'm booming
I'm fucking her, fucking her roomie, I'm platinum versus aluminum
I'm shrooming, I visualize what I'm assuming
My vision is gloomy, but fuck it I zoom in
And now I see movement, and I'd like to thank all her niggas that schooled me
But I still might shoot up my class reuinion
I'm sipping that Houston like it's communion
Smoking some weed, bright as a petunia
I'm walking around Miss America like I'm the king, king of Zamunda
Been hanging around with my shooters when you was still hanging out with Mr. Cooper
Which one of you niggas want beef?
I'm putting your name inside the chalupa
Money since the Mayans, thugging since the riots
Cystic simplifying, higher than Orion
Lying off the diet, eat the whole safari
Pop a cork about it, keep it soft and sour
Watch the market tower
Find a wooden counter, knock on it twice and count 'em
Competition, clown 'em
Opposition chowder
Watch the bitches shower
Optimistic mama
Common sense ain't common
Top position scholar, so far from the bottom
They can't hear me holler
All I say is our, all I say is our, our father
My li'l bae a model, pussy taste like cobbler
Make me As-salaam Alaykum bottle
What more can I say about it, pray about it
I just race the Rari' left it way behind me, taste the mileage
Loud ass blatant diamonds
I think they the loudest, waking zombies
Break a face or promise, give me steak lasagna
Hate your honor still my mama's baby, and my baby mamas
They some riders, can't deflate them tires
I'm still chasing commas
Nigga I made Big Tymers
And I'm still taking time to make it timeless
Dedication problems, sick shit
Ay yeah, yeahhh...

The nicest thing a fan can say to me when they approach me on the street is any fucking thing true, anything real. You know what I mean, that's the nicest thing. I mean like, even if its cliché, cliché I can still tell when that cliché was straight from your heart and that's all you could think about, all you could think to say when you saw me or if you meant it, like even if it's that, like I said just when it's real. You know why? Cause sometimes people can say things that's so real to them that they don't even know that, you know what I mean, some of the things they are saying isn't fact, you know what I mean, official. But you know, things like so what I mean like example: you might walk up on somebody, I might walk up on somebody on the street and they might, uh, they might... shout out the valet from today, umm well yesterday, shout out the valet from yesterday, before you opened the door of my car, you're looking in my eyes, you're a young cat too, you look me in the eyes and you say ahh, and he couldn't, his English wasn't all that, he said: I like the new album, I really like the new project, and I said to him I was like thank you man, he meant that, cause he looked me in my eyes and he even opened my door before he said it, you know what I mean, so I was like damn you know when I got in the car I was like damn it's not a project. You know what I mean I don't even consider that damn shit not an album just a mixtape, you know what I mean, but to him that was real, that shit was real, could be a project not an album, so shout out to homie. I left him a nice little tip you know what I mean

Groupie Gang lyrics - Lil Wayne

Tunechi gang
Pump, what's up?

Lean made me swerve in the cruising lane
Your money funny like Pootie Tang
Had to leave Cash Money, had to do my thing
New password, new username
My new teams loves having newer things
One phone call and my jeweler came
I bought you and you and you and you and you a chain
Daddy got bust at the gun range
My drugs cost more than your mortgage
The hoes gon' throw 'em out regardless
I'ma throw the hoes another party
Nigga, I ain't got hoes, I got an audience, damn
Every week fashion week, runway
Fly the bitch overseas, one way
The bitch come around here and go both ways
Made her eat so much pussy, need a lunch break, damn
She ain't even hable inglés
Got the booty with the thighs and a shrunk waist
And right between her thighs is an entreé
And she know I'ma need more than one plate, yeah
And I look up in the sky through my sun shades
Lookin' in the eyes of a sun ray
I ask it "Can I shine," it say "All day"
Made the sign of cross over the heart ray, Amen
Boom bang, red beam, blue flame
Tunechi got clique like Hussain
Stick that kick like Liu Kang
My bitch got tits and two chains
Damn, I'm tied to the track of a money train
You blind to the fact, that's a fucking shame
I still come bread with the butter stain
Got the world on my back, you got puppet strings, yeah

Groupie gang, groupie gang, groupie gang, groupie gang
Groupie gang, groupie gang, groupie gang

Your bitch fucked 'til the Uber came
My clique love sipping Houston drank
Yeah, that's purple, magenta, and fuchsia, man
My bitch love watching Boomerang
My kids love watching Stranger Things
It's gorilla warfare, y'all orangutans
She gon' hit the cocaine like a hurricane
It gon' make her do a whole lot of other things
It gon' make her takeoff then jump off of the plane
Make her race racecars in the lovin' lane, pew
Make her drop the top in the summer rain
Make her pussy come again, tell these pussy "Come again"
Fuck her hard fuck her soft, she want love and pain
She gon' have to walk it off or do the running mane
Nigga, fuck the game, fuck the game, fuck the game
What they think it's wonderland? Think it's fun and games
These funny ass niggas think they Martin Payne
Try to walk it like you talk it, never walk again
Hundred thousand flat in a rubber band
But I could get you whacked for some pocket change
And my niggas snap like the paparazzi gang
And you know they sell bitches, sell a thousand things
She wanna be with me and feel alive again
She wanna join a gang but she gotta train
I never knew her name, still forgot her name
Thots shall never ever thot again
I flew her to Columbia, her body changed
She came back home with the model frame
Now all the hoes wanna know her doctor name
All these hoes looking for a power change, brr
Damn, who that is? Him? Not a game
He don't get the picture 'til it's out the frame
Nigga washed up like a box of gangs
He don't get the scripture 'til the choir sang
Amen, Tunechi mane, Tunechi mane, mullah gang
Live life, Superman running through the veins
Street smart, nigga, I could be a tutor mane
My shooters aim at your motherfucking pupil, mane, bang
Don't talk stupid, it's your block, we gon' be loopin', mane
My gang stay away from the trooper gang
Spit flame like my name King Koopa, mane
But if the pussy sweet, you can call me Sugar Shane

Groupie gang, groupie gang, groupie gang, groupie gang
Groupie gang, groupie gang, groupie gang

Your bitch out of my groupie gang
Can't blame her, its you to blame
Eat xan bars like Nutrigain
Coochi better smell like sushi mane
Another pain pill, that'll sooth the pain
Tunechi mane, Tunchi mane, mullah gang

Groupie gang, groupie gang, groupie gang, groupie gang
Your bitch out of my groupie gang
Your bitch fucked 'til the Uber came
My bitch love to do hookah mane
My black barbies got booty fame
My white barbies got Hooters fame
I'm a eye doctor that you should blame
When she tell you she don't wanna see you again
The lean made me swerve in the crusing lane
Your money funny like Pootie Tang
Had to leave Cash Money, had to do my thing
New password, new username, ayy

Thots shall never ever thot again
Thots shall never ever thot again
Thots shall never ever thot again
Thots shall never ever thot again

Don't Shoot Em lyrics - Lil Wayne (feat. Marley G & Rich the Kid)

[Marley G:]
Black out my red bandana
Dressed in all red like Santa
Me and Tune riding in the Phantom
Spiked out my Pineapple Fanta
My flows sick like cancer
Doing the drugs at a random
Bitch I ball like Amber
Keeping one in the chamber
Fucking your bitch in the Hamptons
Checking my diamonds, nothing fugazi
All of you niggas is shady
Crack flow, 80s baby
Hella wavy on them hoes
Pop a perc on them hoes
Giver her something for her nose
All them bitches down to roll
Swerving all in your lane
Don't crash, feel the pain
Dope music in my veins
Skating on em with Lil Wayne

[Rich The Kid:]
Way too much ice now I'm skating on em
Flexing I pull out the Wraith homie
He saving these hoes put a cape on him
New freezer the water my neck homie
Pronto took her to the condo
I'm balling on niggas like Lonzo
Too foreign you don't get no convo
Too rich I don't need no broke hoe
Sprite in the Pineapple Fanta
Kill every song like cancer
Put it in the lock do damage
Once I fuck a bitch she vanish
I bust on her boobies
Pull out the camera we making a movie
Look up to Lil Tunechi
I came out the trap now I smoke out a cutie
She graduated but the head stupid
Might tell my shooter go and do it
Off the lot had a top gone lose it
And they all taking pictures they groupies
Fuck the Patek, she a real model but I just want the neck
Give me a sec, big jet on the way to a check

[Lil Wayne:]
Okay, okay, okay, me and your bae soulmates
But if that hoe disobey, it's back to Chipotle
Beat that pussy up, no foreplay, Oscar De La Hoya
She ride this dick like horse play
I send her back bowlegged
She go right, left, she go both ways
When he asked she say "no way"
I can make her play her role and roleplay
I can make a redbone feel rosé
AK leave his head gone with no face
Wutang, my killers Ghostface
All my AKs 24K and Gold Diggers dig your grave
Okay, Tuncehi Keyser Söze
Smoking that gas need rolaids
Sippin lean fast that's slow pace
If the bitch bad I showcase, okay
100 thou cash on the pillowcase
One in each hand that's lifting weights
This dick make a bad bitch richocet
Your bitch is in here swallowing like Minute Maid
God damn, okay okay okay
D.E.A., D.O.A
I aim right at your shades, then let off that roach spray (brrr)
Y'all boys soft as crochet, I take off with no brakes
I try not to leave no trace, but I dripped sauce the whole way
Damn, I'm a boss I pay me
I got lost like KD
I go off like Dray Green
Pop a perc go KG
Man I'm unwired like Dre Beats
Repping them big big big B's
All y'all drenched restin in peace
Dedication 6 sick six feet
Six shit
Medication quick quick quick please
I'm inpatient Imma need a MD
The doctor said all I need is M-E
Your thot in here tryna get me tipsy
Your thot in here tryna give me hickeys
And now shes tryna tell me how to live free
Never let a stripper give you tips please
That's some six shit

The craziest shit Nicki has ever bought for me as gift was a pair of shoes. The shoes look like uh my teeth. That's definitely... and uhm I've actually never worn 'em. They like a pair of shoes where you know you always set them bitches out the night befo' you're like yeah I'm definitely wearin them tonight... and then soon as its time to get ready, you like now this is not the event for these type a shoes. And uhm... ya'll already know the type of events I go to. So, if I feel like the event ain't enough for the shoes then you know its a crazy ass pair of shoes. Shout out my girl Nicki, she coulda just bought me a picture of her. You know... I won't say what kind of picture. You know what I mean-if its for my birthday or christmas... know what I mean